Tonic Toronto - April 2014

The Green Whey...

Kaizen Natural Whey is a clean, all-natural source of protein, which contains no artificial ingredients, gluten and is lactose-free.  The product comes in a special ‘eco bottle’ which can be pulled apart and recycled or composted, therefore producing up to…

Spic and Span

With Spring comes our need to refresh and renew – and what better way to do this than with the annual spring clean.  Cleansing our homes and work places will provide a much-needed feeling of rejuvenation and an energy boost…

On the Shelf: See Spring in a Whole New Light!

See spring in a whole new light!  Vision Care Syrup contains lutein, beta carotene, and powerful antioxidants to prevent and treat eye strain and vision problems. It’s also great tasting and free of sugar, alcohol, and artificial preservatives.  


You may not know it, but they're in a lot of the products you buy. Fred Munawa gives you the scoop on harmful Phthalates.

Power Plants

Sure you can plant any old flowers in your garden. But why not consider plants that bolster your health? Read about Bryce Wylde and Frankie Flowers' new book on purposeful gardens.

Cancelling Out Candida

Suzanna Ivanovics explains the signs, and dangers, of a yeast infection or overpopulation. She'll tell you the natural way to treat this common digestive ailment.

Ja Bistro

Ja Bistro offers a modern, yet minimalist take on sushi. Find out why Jamie Bussin thinks that the blow-torched sushi selections should not be missed.

Meal Timing

Rod MacDonald Knows that if you're trying to lose weight through diet and exercise, consider when you are eating relative to when you are exercising to attain maximum success.