How to enjoy your vacation

...with your holistic nutrition brain turned on!

Longing for a Spring getaway? If so, travelling with the essentials will make all the difference. Whether you got a taste of vacationing over Spring Break and escaped the unpredictable temperatures of Toronto to enjoy some Vitamin D (and Vitamin Sea!), or if you’re a frequent traveller, you know that travelling isn’t always easy breezy. Common traveller’s symptoms can pop up for anyone. Adjusting to new time zones and changing your routine diet can take its toll on your body. Read on to get my top tips for travelling with a Holistic Nutrition lens!



Flying can really dehydrate the body. Bring an empty reusable bottle with you so that after you pass security you can fill it with filtered water. You can even ask the flight attendants to fill your bottle with filtered water on the plane! Constipation and diarrhea is no laughing matter when travelling and water is key to help both of these travellers’ symptoms.



Just because the most popular foods in your travel destination are meat, cheese and bread, doesn’t mean you can only live off of those things. Well, you could, but I’m gonna bet you’ll feel pretty bloated and heavy. Embrace the vegetables too, and eat lots of them. Remember when we chatted about constipation? Fibre is key for staving that off. Find some fermented, raw and cooked vegetables and fresh fruits to stay regular and nourished.



Digestive enzymes and Probiotics

Digestive enzymes and probiotics can help if you’re trying new foods, tend toward a sensitive gut and get sick on vacation. I would recommend a full spectrum digestive enzyme formula that contains HCl, bile, as well as enzymes for proteins, carbohydrates and fats. These can be taken with every meal on vacation, and before a particularly heavy meal.  After a stressed state, the immune system is less “on guard” and potentially more susceptible to infection. Probiotics also help with digestive issues, as well as immune system support. Get a travel-friendly one that is shelf-stable.


Jet lag relief

Changing time zones affects your circadian rhythm, AKA your internal clock. Your circadian rhythm governs your sleep schedule, digestion and cognitive abilities, which can make travelling less enjoyable if it gets thrown off kilter. Temporary use of sleep-inducing melatonin can help your body adjust to new schedules. Adjusting your sleep schedule by sleeping earlier/later a few days before the trip is most beneficial in adjusting your circadian rhythm.


As always, check in with your healthcare practitioner before incorporating a new health routine.


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