How is the Health of Your Subtle Body?

Discover Methods to Release Blockages on the Physical, Mental and Energetic Levels

How is the health of your subtle body? Do you know how to improve it? Do you know why you should? Considering the vital role our subtle body plays in the health of our body and mind, too few of us are empowered with the tools to do anything about it.

Our subtle body is a network of 72,000 channels as well as the wind-energy and essence that flow through them. In the Tibetan Tantrayana view, we lose one channel every day, and this is how we become old, sick, and eventually die. This number increases significantly due to wrong movement, wrong diet and wrong behaviour. But the good news is that this is completely within our control! We just need the right methods.

For that, we need a master of the Tibetan Tantric teachings. Tantrayana Buddhism is a path that uses the body as a vehicle for transformation of the self. It contains great methods for releasing blockages in the channels, opening them and making them flexible and supple. The advantages of this are profound. On a physical level, when the channels are blocked, vital energy and nutrients are prevented from flowing throughout the body. The result is less energy, less vitality and increased susceptibility to disease. The wind-energy that flows in the channels is intimately connected with the mind. When the wind doesn’t flow, the mind doesn’t flow; it’s stuck, agitated and limited. Finally, our essence is deeply connected with our well-being. If you are depressed for no specific reason, burnt-out, or have difficulty experiencing joy, this may very well be an issue with the subtle body. Regardless of whether or not we are experiencing acute problems, we all should have a regular practice to keep the subtle body open and healthy.

Tulku Lobsang is one of those great masters that can offer this. His knowledge of the tantric healing arts is vast and profound. Born in Amdo, Tibet in 1976, he was recognized as a tulku, a reincarnated lama, at age 13. He received intensive training at a Buddhist monastery and is a Doctor of Tibetan Medicine and Astrology. Today, Tulku Lobsang travels the world sharing the Tantrayana healing wisdom. He has compiled the most beneficial and accessible practices relevant for the modern world.

Tulku Lobsang will be teaching in Toronto for the first time on August 1st and 2nd. Experience his charismatic style at a public talk entitled “The Power of Change.” To have the proper motivation to do these practices we need to know that we can change. Not only can we change, but change is inevitable! And we have the power to choose the direction of that change. Impermanence and emptiness—fundamental principles of Buddhism—are our allies when we understand how to harness change.

The following day, Tulku Lobsang will be offering a workshop. Participants will receive a daily practice that will enable them to directly experience the benefits of opening the subtle body channels. He will teach the Five Elements Movements of Lu Jong: Tibetan Healing Yoga, as well as the breathwork practices of Tsa Lung (Tibetan: tsa = channel, lung = wind).

Lu Jong is a series of movements that nurture the spine and release blockages by applying pressure to particular points on the channels. It is rooted in Tibetan Medicine and Bön, the indigenous shamanic system of Tibet. The Five Elements Movements balance these inner archetypal energies in a 12-minute daily routine. Not only is our physical body composed of the five elements, but they are also associated with qualities of the mind. When the elements are out of balance, the result is not only dis-harmonized body systems, but also an increase in negative emotions. The full Lu Jong Level 1 practice also includes: The Five Musculoskeletal Movements, The Five Vital Organ Movements, The Six Common Conditions Movements, and two movements for sleep and wakefulness. Come get a taste of Lu Jong and perhaps you will want to teach this incredibly beneficial practice yourself. There will be an opportunity to do so by attending the 2014 Lu Jong Teacher Training program.

The Tsa Lung practices go even deeper into the body as they combine special movements with breath retention techniques. The benefits include greatly improved strength, focus, healing energy and vibrancy. Our breath is an incredibly vital aspect of our health. Until age 25, we naturally breathe in more. This is the life-stage of growth and development. From 25 – 45 the breath is more balanced between inhale and exhale. In this stage we don’t change so much. After age 45, we breathe in much less. The result is decrease—decreased energy, decreased strength, decreased vitality. But we can have conscious control over this! We can improve our breathing, and therefore our energy, by regularly practicing methods such as Tsa Lung.

These are powerful methods to release blockages on the physical, mental and energetic levels. No matter your age, ability or experience, you can start now to improve the state of your subtle body, and in this way increase your health and happiness.

As we dissolve these blockages, we become more and more open—not just in body, but open-minded and open-hearted as well. This is the spiritual path.






Farrah Garan is a teacher of Lu Jong: Tibetan Healing Yoga and is excited to introduce Toronto to the powerful methods taught by Tulku Lobsang, Tantrayana Master and Docter of Tibetan Medicine.

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