Holiday Shopping For The #Fitfam

Four Festive Gift Ideas

The holiday season is the perfect time of year to reward your loved ones who have worked hard on their health and fitness goals in 2017 and prepare them for the weeks to come.  Winter months are filled with health challenges; and every ounce of kindness and gym socks come in handy!


They likely have more pairs of leggings and protein powder tubs than they can count so let’s step out of the box a bit and consider fresh gift ideas that will give them something rewarding and fun to look forward to using!


1. All geared up: from Yoga mats to compression socks you can find fun graphic and even customizable gear for every fitness activity. The Yogi in your life might love a water bottle stating “Karma Made Me Do it” and your friend training for a half-marathon could use running gloves with touch screen finger pads. If your brother participated in a race, you can have his bib printed onto some beer coasters and if your cousin’s been lifting heavy she might love a “yeah no, don’t put me down 4 cardio” tank.


2. New fitness kid on the block:  boutique facilities are popping up all over and although their fees can sometimes be higher, they often offer discounted one-month memberships.  These are perfect opportunities for your loved one to try something new without a long-term commitment. The key is to choose a month when their schedules are quite open to go to as many classes, trainers, instructors and activities as they can.


3.Some extra fuel: making time for meal prep is critical, yet challenging for most of us. A month-long trial with a healthy food delivery service would make a great gift. Some focus on organic and free-trade produce while others will do all the prep for you so all you have to do is cook. You can also find trendy “make your own” kits to for kombucha, cold brew coffee and kefir.  


4. A little bit of balance: all those reps can put a strain on our muscles and minds, therefore a gift that soothes can lead to serious gratitude. Gift certificates for a Thai massage or a day at a Scandinavian spa are sure to please; but you don’t have to spend a fortune for quality R&R. For just a few coins you can put together a customized bath kit of Epsom salts infused with their favorite essential oil, a bee’s wax candle and a lovely playlist!  


Should we “gift” fitness to the non-exerciser? No. Full stop. As passionate as you may be about health and fitness and determined to help your loved one get moving, offering fitness as a gift to the non-exerciser is a recipe for a very cold holiday season.  If you truly want to share the gift of fitness, remain a caring inspiration to everyone around you by living your best healthy life.


Nathalie Lacombe is the Vice President of canfitpro, the largest provider of education in the Canadian fitness industry. Nathalie also applies her uniquely vibrant presentation and teaching style to inspire and educate peers, clients, and participants. Her genuine joie de vivre is infectious to anyone who connects with her.  

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