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4 Gift Ideas for the Health-Conscious

Giving thoughtful gifts to our favourite people can be a tough task during the holiday season because sometimes it can feel like they have everything already. In fact, for this reason, maybe you have decided to approach this holiday season from an eco-conscious perspective, looking to avoid wasteful gifts. Thankfully, I have found the trick to choosing the best ones! One of my favourite tips for gift-giving is to pick a theme each year and apply it to the specific person to come up with a gift that fits the theme, but also the interests of the recipient. It should be no surprise that I generally choose the theme of health because I take great joy in knowing that I am benefiting someone’s health and happiness with my gift. To help inspire your gift-giving this holiday season, find 4 of my favourite holistic gift ideas below for those health-conscious (or curious) folks on your list!


  1. Essential Oil Travel Packs 

Essential oils are still growing in popularity so this gift idea is definitely on trend. Did you know that essential oils have uses beyond diffusing? When used correctly, essential oils can be used in skincare, cleaning products, meditation and yoga practice, cooking, health ailments like headaches, and much more! I suggest gifting a travel pack for your recipient so that they can easily travel with them, and try a variety of different essential oils. Be sure to check health food stores for reputable and high-quality brands.


  1. Hot Yoga or Spin Class Pass

In Toronto, we are definitely not in short supply of yoga and spin studios. Gifting a class pass to these studios or another fitness studio that your giftee loves is a great gift idea for the fitness enthusiasts in your life! Hot yoga is an excellent way to decompress after a long week. The heat and rest helps to relax your muscles deeper into poses. On the flip side, spin classes are a great HIIT-form of exercise to burn off some steam!


  1. Health Food Store Gift Card 

Let’s face it, grocery and supplements bills can add up. Why not support your giftee’s healthier food choices and supplement regime with a gift card? Better yet, your gift card could help your giftee buy a special detox program or specialty ingredient that they’ve had their eye on for a while!


  1. Alternative Diet Cookbook

Are you surrounded by low-carb, keto, or paleo committed people? If so, a great gift idea for those who are accustomed to an alternative diet is a cookbook that fits their specific dietary needs. Cookbooks are a fantastic gift because they offer inspiration and will often suggest the use of ingredients that are not part of the usual fare. 

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