Have a Super Spring


Aries: King of Swords, King of Wands, Queen of Swords 

This is a time of strong personal empowerment. You have everything you need to move forward in any direction that you want to in your life. Once you do, you will find that past hurts and bitterness will not impact you anymore!


Taurus: Tower, Four of Cups, Three of Cups

You have gotten back to the core of who you really are while experiencing some big changes.. Now is the perfect time to re-evaluate your feelings and emotions, while deciding what feelings you want to experience in your life. Once you do, you will be able to communicate in a new and clear way!


Gemini: Empress, Five of Swords, Seven of Swords

You have been feeling more in touch and at home within your feelings. You might notice that you are struggling a bit more than you are used to. Instead of blaming your circumstances on outward situations, it’s time to see how you are contributing to your unwanted feelings!


Cancer: Three of Swords, Three of Wands, Seven of Wands

You have had a hard time letting go of certain painful feelings. Begin to focus on communicating your true thoughts and desires. Once you do, you will notice a positive change and have more faith that you are on the right track!


Leo: Ace of Pentacles, Hierophant, Judgement 

You have experienced a birth of new fulfillment in your life. Pay attention to inspiration that will come from unusual places and people. Once you do, you will go through one of the biggest changes you have ever experienced!


Virgo: Strength, Knight of Wands, Queen of Wands 

You have been feeling more self-empowered lately. Now is a great time to put your efforts towards going after what will bring happiness into your life. Once you do, you will feel more balanced and centred than you have in a while!


Libra: Eight of Wands, Devil, Hanged Man

Things have been moving faster than usual for you lately. It’s important to focus on getting back to your true self, while focusing on what you really want to experience right now. Once you do, you won’t feel stuck anymore!


Scorpio: Eight of Swords, Wheel of Fortune, Eight of Pentacles 

You have made an effort to work through past issues that have been holding you back. You now have an opportunity to finally move forward and bring positive changes into your life. Once you do, you will be able to once again work hard towards reaching your goals!


Sagittarius: Queen of Pentacles, Four of Pentacles, Fool

You have been feeling more grounded lately. This is a good time to take a step back and enjoy being in the moment. Once you do, you will be able to begin your new spiritual journey on a higher level!


Capricorn: Two of Swords, Seven of Cups, Knight of Pentacles

You have had more faith in yourself lately. Focus on changing certain unwanted emotions that have been holding you back. Once you do, you will feel more empowered to go after new things that bring fulfillment into your life!


Aquarius: Nine of Swords, Two of Cups, Queen of Cups

You almost feel free of past emotions that have been holding you back. It’s now time to experience a new emotional connection, within yourself, and with someone else. Once you do, your heart will feel full, experiencing love and happiness!


Pisces: Lovers, Page of Swords, Ten of Swords 

You have been feeling more emotionally connected lately. Pay attention to new ideas and inspiration that might be coming to you. Once you do, you will finally be able to release some  unwanted feelings you have been carrying with you!


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