Have a Spectacular Summer

Cancer: Devil, Death, Eight of Swords 

You have been more true to yourself lately. This month, let go of the things in your life that are no longer working for you. Once you do, you will be able to see your blocks more clearly, while moving through them with ease!


Aries: Judgement, Two of Swords, Lovers

You have recently gone through a major life change. This month, have faith that you are exactly where you need to be. Even though it is hard to believe in something with no guarantees, you are on the right path. You are getting ready to make a very important new personal connection!


Taurus: Seven of Swords, Seven of Cups; Queen of Pentacles 

You haven’t been honest with yourself regarding a personal situation. This month, look at what emotional changes need to be made to get you to where you want to be. Once you do, you will feel more open and connected than you ever have before!


Gemini: Six of Swords, Knight of Swords, Four of Wands

You have moved away from a negative situation or negative feelings recently. This month, take charge and go after what you want. Once you do, you will be able to make an important new commitment that will bring you much happiness!


Leo: Ace of Cups, Eight of Pentacles, Ace of Pentacles 

You have experienced a new emotional situation recently. This month, work hard at whatever it is you would like to achieve. Once you do, you will be able to begin a new journey leading you towards a new prosperous situation!


Virgo: Five of Pentacles, Nine of Swords, Three of Pentacles 

You have been having a hard time keeping the faith lately. This month, explore the painful situations that may be holding you back, while learning how to work through them, without letting them affect you anymore. Once you do, you will feel as though you are in the spotlight in a positive way!


Libra: High Priestess, Three of Swords, Page of Swords 

You have been connected to your intuition more lately. This month, try not to get stuck in a negative emotional pattern that has been holding you back. Once you do, you will once again be inspired to move forward towards reaching your goals!


Scorpio: King of Wands, Fool, Four of Cups

You have been able to express yourself even more lately. This month, you will start a new and exciting personal journey. Once you do, you will be able to re-evaluate old thoughts and feelings that are no longer helping  you achieve your personal goals!

Sagittarius: Moon, Six of Pentacles, King of Swords 

You have been feeling more emotional than usual. This month, you will once again be inspired to go after whatever brings you fulfillment. Once you do, you will experience a new surge of inspiration that will lead you forward to your next step towards fulfillment!


Capricorn: Chariot, Justice, Five of Swords 

You have been going after what you want in a stronger way lately. This month, get to the bottom of an important situation that needs your attention. Once you do, you won’t be held back by past painful thoughts and feelings anymore!


Aquarius: Six of Wands, Six of Cups, Ten of Pentacles 

You have been inspired to try something one more time that might not have worked in the past. This month, you will feel a surge of new happiness in your life. This good feeling will last a while, bringing celebration and joy to everything that you do!


Pisces: Ace of Wands, Four of Swords, Two of Wands 

You have experienced more personal creativity lately. . This month is a great time to take some rest to feel renewed and refreshed. Once you do, you will feel even more connected than you ever have in the past!


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