Have a Special September

Virgo: Seven of Pentacles, Knight of Cups, Six of Pentacles 

You have recently made some plans to bring more fulfillment in your life. This month, go after all of the things that bring you joy and happiness. Once you do, you will receive new gifts from the universe. Enjoy!


Aries: King of Swords, Seven of Wands, Ten of Cups

You have made a major step forward recently. This month, remember to take it one day at a time, without getting frustrated if you don’t see progress right away. You are about to experience a new feeling of joyous celebration!


Taurus: Six of Wands, Five of Swords, Magician 

You have been working hard trying to accomplish something. This month, you might run into more obstacles than you are used to. These issues are not meant to hold you back. They are meant to refine all of your positive qualities, so put them to good use!


Gemini: Hierophant, Ace of Cups, Queen of Wands

You have been feeling more inspired lately. This month, you will experience a situation that brings new positive feelings into your life. You are about to feel more balanced and in control than you ever have!


Cancer: Nine of Wands, Three of Pentacles, Empress

You have recently ended something in your life. This month, everything will come together, and you will be noticed for these changes. You are getting ready to feel emotionally fulfilled in a way that you have not yet experienced!


Leo: Page of Pentacles, Two of Swords, Four of Wands 

You have recently had some new ideas on how to bring more fulfillment into your life. This month it is important to have blind faith that everything is going according to plan. Once you do, you will be able to make a new and important commitment in your life!


Libra: Tower, Ace of Wands, Temperance

You have gone through some major life changes recently. This month, you will notice that you have a new way of communicating and expressing yourself. These changes will teach you patience and balance, which will help you achieve all of your goals!


Scorpio: Eight of Cups, Sun, Ten of Pentacles 

You have changed the way you see certain emotional situations. This month, sit back and relax, as everything will come to you naturally. This is a wonderful time of love and celebration for you!


Sagittarius: Five of Cups, Knight of Wands, Two of Pentacles 

You have gone through some emotional hurdles recently. This month, decide what you would like to achieve and how you are going to do it. You are about to make a new connection that will help you bring even more fulfillment into your life. 


Capricorn: Knight of Swords, Devil, Page of Swords 

You have been feeling more confident lately. This month, focus on getting back to the core of who you really are, and who you would like to be. Once you do, you will get new ideas on how to further your successful journey!


Aquarius: Judgement, Fool, Moon

You have gone through a major change recently. This month is the perfect time to begin your new journey on a higher level. You will not be stopped by any past emotions that have been holding you back!


Pisces: Wheel of Fortune, World, Death

You have taken advantage of a new opportunity in your life. This month, the world is your oyster. Decide what it is you want and you will get it. You are ready to let go of all of the old feelings and patterns that have been holding you back!


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