Have a Marvelous May

This Month's Fortune and Fame

Aries: King of Swords, Eight of Pentacles, Two of Swords

You have been feeling more confident lately. This month, it is time to focus and work hard at whatever it is you do. Once you start to see the results, your ability to have blind faith about the direction your future is going will grow!


Taurus: Two of Cups, Queen of Wands, Page of Wands

You have made a new emotional connection recently. This month, be sure to stay emotionally balanced and level headed. Once you do, you will get more ideas on how to express yourself in an even better way!


Gemini: Four of Cups, Eight of Swords, Ace of Cups

You have been re-evaluating your feelings lately. This month, take note on the personal feelings that might be blocking your progress. Once you do, you will experience a birth of new joy and happiness in your life!


Cancer: High Priestess, King of Wands, Five of Wands

You have been even more connected to your intuition recently. This month, take a major action in how you express your personal creativity. Once you do, you will see that the hurdles that you thought were in your way, were just minor inconveniences that you can easily overcome!


Leo: Ace of Wands, Emperor, Page of Pentacles

You have been feeling more creative lately. This month, be bold and take charge in an important situation in your life without fear. Once you do, you will know the next moves to take to bring even more fulfillment into your life!


Virgo: Nine of Wands, Hermit, Hanged Man

You have moved on from a personal situation in your life. This month, go inside yourself to find the answers you are looking for. You have them all. Once you do, you will notice that you are no longer stuck and will move forward quickly!


Libra: Death, Lovers, Knight of Swords

You have let go of certain things that were no longer working for you. This month, you will make an important personal and emotional connection. Once you do, your confidence will rise and you will feel inspired to go after what you want!


Scorpio: Nine of Pentacles, Magician, Page of Cups

You have changed the way you look at certain situations in your life. This month, you will notice that all of your talents will come together and help you rise up even more. Once you do, you will feel more emotionally connected and free!


Sagittarius: Three of Wands, Eight of Cups, Four of Swords

You have been communicating in a new way lately. This way, you will learn from your past emotions and change the way you see them. Once you do, it will bring a wonderful feeling of peace and healing into your life!


Capricorn: Justice, Page of Cups, Six of Swords

You have gotten to the bottom of a personal situation recently. This month, listen to what your intuition is telling you about how to move forward emotionally. Once you do, you will be able to move away from negative situations and feelings that are holding you back!


Aquarius: Knight of Pentacles, Knight of Cups, Nine of Swords

You have been more confident in how you find your personal fulfillment lately. This month, it is time to bring that confidence to your emotional pursuits. Once you are able to go after whatever it is you are looking for, you will let go of any personal burdens that were holding you back!


Pisces: Ten of Wands, Seven of Cups, Knight of Wands

You have let go of a burden that you have been carrying with you. This month, focus on the emotional changes that you would like to make. Once you do, you will have the confidence to express your creativity in a new way!


TAROTSTROLOGY COMBINES ASTROLOGY WITH LISA’S METHOD OF READING THE TAROT CARDS. It is a fun and informative way to learn where we are in life, and what we can do to make the most out of it!

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