Have a Magnificent May

This Month's Fortune and Fame

Aries: Three of Swords, Strength, Two of Pentacles

  You seem to have been revisiting your past disappointments. This month, focus on giving up control, and focusing on your own self-empowerment. This is a great time to experience new connections that will help  you fulfill your personal goals!

Taurus: The Hermit, Three of Wands, Knight of Pentacles

  You have been a little more reserved recently. This month, focus on expressing your true creative self. You are preparing to expand, and to go after new ventures that are sure to fulfill you!

Gemini: The Fool, Five of Swords, King of Swords

  You have started a new personal journey in your life. This month, you may feel as though you have a harder time achieving your desired outcome. Don't be discouraged! It is time to make a major decision and go after what you want without fears!

Cancer: Page of Wands, Four of Wands, The Tower

 You may have noticed some subtle shifts occurring in your life. This month, it is important to decide what areas of your life you would like to commit to changing. Once you do, you will experience a major life shift that will change the way you see your world!

Leo: The Devil, Nine of Swords, Death

  You have really come into your own lately. This month, focus on continuing your quest for personal change by acknowledging painful past experiences and putting them behind you. This is a powerful time of change that brings great healing and clarity!

Virgo: Two of Swords, Seven of Pentacles, The Magician

 You have learned how to have a lot of blind faith recently. This month, continue to have faith while making long term plans for your future. You are gathering up all of your personal strengths to finally accomplish your major life goals!

Libra: Queen of Swords, Ten of Swords, The Hierophant

 You may have been feeling a little off kilter lately. This month, recognize the areas in your life that are no longer working. It is time to let go of the past that is holding you back. Once you do, you will receive major inspiration on how to succeed in the next chapter of your life!

Scorpio: Ten of Cups, Page of Pentacles, The Star

  You have been feeling very happy and celebratory lately. This month, pay attention to your intuition, as it can guide you even further to reaching your personal fulfillment. Remember to reach for your dreams without fear, the sky’s the limit!

Sagittarius: Temperance, Three of Pentacles, Four of Cups

  You have been able to experience more patience than usual. This month, you may find yourself more in the spotlight as people are recognizing more of your innate qualities. This is a great time to reevaluate your new found goals and desires!

Capricorn: Two of Cups, Queen of Pentacles, Eight of Cups

  You may feel as though you have made a new emotional connection recently. This month, remember to stay grounded and focused. You are going through many wonderful personal changes that will begin to manifest in your everyday life!

Aquarius: Knight of Cups, Six of Swords, Two of Wands

  It seems as though you have begun a new emotional adventure. This month, focus on moving away from negative thoughts that have gotten you stuck in the past. This is the perfect time to express your true self and show the world the new you!

Pisces: Ace of Swords, The Sun, Seven of Swords

  You have experienced some new inspirations lately. This month is the perfect time to relax, and enjoy all of the positive changes in your life. You will feel more in control and on the right path than you have in a very long time!


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