Have a Joyous June

This Month's Fortune and Fame

Aries – Chariot, Wheel of Fortune, Queen of Wands
You have recently taken a strong new action in a certain area of your life. This month, you must take every opportunity that presents itself to move ahead in your life. This is the perfect time to get organized and to acquire a new sense of balance!

Taurus – Two of Swords, Chariot, Queen of Cups
You have learned how to have blind faith in your life and it has begun to work in your favour. It is now time to take control, while taking action wherever you can. This will bring immeasurable fulfillment and personal satisfaction into your life!

Gemini – Eight of Pentacles, Three of Cups, Two of Wands
You have been working very hard lately to master areas of your life that needed it. This month, focus on expressing your true feelings as much as you can. This is the time for it all to come together. You will finally feel that personal completion you were looking for!

Cancer – Chariot, Two of Cups, Eight of Swords
You have been on a roll lately while taking control of the areas of your life that needed it. This month, focus on fulfilling your emotional side that needs attention. It is time to break down those old walls you have built around yourself for protection. It is time to be free!

Leo – Sun, Eight of Wands, Two of Cups
It feels as though you have been totally on the ball lately. This month, pay attention to certain situations, as they will move quite quickly for you. Try not to let certain situations get too out of control. If you remain your true and sunny self, you will feel more together than you have in years!

Virgo – Justice, Eight of Swords, Moon
You have been trying to figure out many life situations. This month, focus on breaking down and getting rid of old feelings and situations that you no longer need in your life. This is the perfect time to get your emotions in order while no longer feeling overwhelmed by them!

Libra – Queen of Pentacles, Eight of Pentacles, Three of Wands
You have been on a great streak of feeling grounded, fulfilled, and in control. This month, put your nose to the grindstone and work hard at whatever it is you
would like to accomplish in the near future. This is your time to show the world the real you!

Scorpio – Devil, Three of Cups, Four of Wands
You have finally gotten back on the path of who you really are. This is the perfect time to stop holding back and share your thoughts and feelings whenever you can. You will finally be able to continue on your path with a new found commitment, ensuring your success!

Sagittarius – Two of Cups, Seven of Wands, Chariot
You have recently made an important emotional connection, either internally or with someone else. This month, make sure to be patient while taking things one day at a time. When the time is right, you will definitely be ready to take control and take the next necessary steps!

Capricorn – Eight of Pentacles, Five of Wands, Six of Swords
You have been working very hard lately in figuring out the way you want to live your life. This month, remember that any hardships you encounter are not as bad as they seem. It is finally time to move away from negative energy, whether it is from within yourself, or around you!

Aquarius – Six of Wands, Hermit, Three of Cups
You have been feeling quite victorious lately. This month, it is important to go inside yourself to find the answers you are looking for. While doing that, make sure you don’t get lost in your own thoughts. This is the perfect time to share all of the new found discoveries you have made about yourself!

Pisces – Fool, Three of Cups, Eight of Wands
You feel as though you have begun a new personal journey. This month, be sure to always say what you mean, and mean what you say. This is the perfect time to express your true feelings. You will find that things around you will begin to shift very quickly once you do!

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