Good Morning!

As we transition into Summer, I invite you to use this change in season as an opportunity to pause and reflect on your habits. Specifically, the habits that make up your morning. Because if you want your days to be filled with feelings of calm, productivity and happiness, revisiting your a.m. actions is an important place to start.


In discovering the habits that help make your day awesome, you can expect:

  • A reduction in stress, depression, and anxiety

  • More energy and a better mood

  • Resiliency in the face of setbacks  

  • Empowerment in your health and happiness


What’s most important to know is that no two morning routines will look alike, and there is no “right” or “wrong” way to set yourself up for an amazing day.  I encourage you to explore a range of activities, as you’ll need different tools on different days. Here are a few activities to experiment with that have been shown to help set people up for an excellent day:


  • Getting enough sleep – at the top of the list for a reason!

  • Movement – in any way that feels good

  • Meditation/Mindfulness – starting your day screen-less can feel hard, but is so worth it  

  • Gratitude – one positive thought sets the precedent for a more positive day

  • Hydration – adding lemon juice to water bumps up the benefits

  • A balanced meal – sets you up for a more balanced day

  • Reading – an inspiring passage or quote

  • Journaling – let all of yourself be heard (even the doubtful, worried parts)


To help stir up even more inspiration, I’m sharing a little behind-the-scenes action, with how I like to make the most of my mornings!


Movement: Some days, I lift weights at the gym and on others, I stretch at home in my pajamas. My goal is always just to get my blood flowing and heart pumping a little bit faster.


Nourishment: My go-to feel-good morning meal is a couple of eggs cooked in butter, whole grain toast and lots of greens.


Mindfulness: I can easily fall down the internet rabbit hole. So instead of opening up social media, I click on to start my day off in a more helpful mindset. As with all healthful shifts, I encourage you to start where you are. You might want to try one new a.m. activity every day for the next few weeks. Or, maybe heading to bed 15 minutes earlier is the best place to start.


And a final gentle reminder – the idea is to engage in activities that help YOU feel good. Forget about what you “should” be doing and give yourself permission to participate in the habits that help you show up the best, most vibrant version of yourself.


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