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Some of the Top Trends From the Asian Beauty Market

I currently live just outside of Korea Town in Toronto.  I walk home from work on most days and while lost in my music, my eyes wander and I find myself quietly perusing the shop windows.  As a beauty columnist, I’m naturally drawn to the skincare products that are carefully displayed on the shelves.  And over time, my curiosity has grown.  


My first trip into an Asian beauty shop was exciting.  The store, laden with shelves upon shelves of brightly coloured products, was a literal feast for the eyes.  After getting lost in a wall of sheet masks (what to choose, what to choose!), I realized that I was hooked.  


In recent years, the Asian beauty market has been booming – so much so, that it has made an impact in North American culture.  Considered a relative hot-bed when it comes to innovation in beauty and skincare, they’ve produced products that have long been coveted by every beauty insider.  And this should come as no surprise.  To Asian women, perfecting their skin’s complexion is of utmost importance, so why wouldn’t we look to them for inspiration? So what are they currently obsessed with these days? Here are their best new trends that we’ll surely be implementing into our own daily beauty routines.


Carbonated Water:   Want a deeper, more invigorating cleanse for your face?  Try a carbonated face bath!  First made popular in Japan, this method to facial cleansing can be more effective because the carbon dioxide bubbles act as micro-brushes to your skin, giving your pores a deep clean, washing away dead skin cells and reducing puffiness while adding firmness.  The bubbles also give your skin an added boost of oxygen which can help increase circulation, brighten your skin and even out your skin tone.  


Seaweed:  This ingredient has become more common in beauty products in North America.  Seaweed and marine extracts help renew your skin from damage.  They are rich in a number of vitamins and minerals and have natural anti-inflammatory compounds that can help with breakouts.  Also, when seaweed is applied directly onto the body, it can draw waste and impurities from the skin.  


Sheet masks:  Raise your hand if you’re like me and have taken one too many sheet mask selfies in your life?  Sheet masks, aside from providing excellent social media content, are hugely popular in the beauty industry.  Why? Because they work.  I haven’t met a sheet mask that I wasn’t hugely impressed with.  The masks, usually made of a soft cotton, are saturated with a serum that sits directly on your face, creating a barrier over the ingredients, meaning they sit on your skin for longer (instead of evaporating when left exposed) for a more intensive treatment.


Blur Cream:  This trend is pretty self-explanatory:  it blurs.  Blurs pores, fine lines, and wrinkles – a complete “skin perfector” if there ever was one.  With results that are almost immediate, women everywhere will no doubt be picking up a tube of this for their makeup bags.


LED Devices:  As I mentioned above, the Asian beauty market relies on innovation to stay ahead of the beauty game.  Do you want to increase collagen levels and reduce wrinkles? Throw on an LED mask which will send UV-free wavelengths deep into your skin.  Known as Light Facial Masks, many users have seen results after absorbing light for just 20 minutes and regard it as an easier way to fight aging and acne without the use of lasers.  And my gosh, just think of all the interesting selfies you can take with this on.

Lora Maghanoy is a writer and beauty product hoarder.  

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