Four Reasons to Choose Pasture-Raised Meat

The Choice is Yours

I started NIKU Farms in 2018 as a way to connect people directly to ethically raised meat. As I talk to more and more Canadians about our company, I get a lot of questions about why it’s so important to choose pasture-raised meat. 


Better for Your Body – Especially Your Brain


Grass-fed, pasture-raised meat is leaner and higher in key nutrients, including antioxidants, vitamins and a beneficial fat called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) that's been tied to improved immunity and anti-inflammation benefits. University of Toronto professor and researcher Dr. Richard Bazinet has done extensive testing into the science behind why. “Corn and grain have a different fatty acid composition than grass. Grass and leaves are full of omega 3s. When cows and chickens eat greens, it drives the composition of the animal. There can be roughly 10 times more omega 3s in grass-fed meat as a result,” said Bazinet. “I’ve seen pasture-raised chicken with more fish oil in it than tilapia.” 


Small-Scale Farmers Make A Living Wage 


Did you know that an average farmer only makes a mere 16 cents on the retail dollar at your local grocery store? That can make it very tough to earn a living, and it encourages high volume farming and cutting corners wherever possible to improve profit margins. A farm-to-door model provides up to three times that return so farmers can earn a living wage, more sustainably. 


Happier Animals Lead Stress-Free Lives 


Pasture-raised animals live out in the sun with acres of lush greens to graze on where they are free to roam with other animals in the fresh air. At all of our farm partners, animals are treated with respect. For instance, calves spend several years grazing alongside their mothers. In a factory farm setting, they can be separated within hours of birth. We visit our partners on a regular basis to foster ongoing relationships and to ensure that they are upholding the high animal welfare standards our customers have come to expect. 


It’s Better for the Planet


Factory farming can cause soil degradation and excessive water and air pollution. Pasture-raised meat is more environmentally sustainable. NIKU Farms recently became the first meat company to bring Green Cell Foam insulated packaging to Canada for our boxes to take this commitment to sustainability even further. The material is compostable, biodegradable and water soluble. Run it under your tap, toss it in the compost or add it to your fire – this plastic foam alternative is totally sustainable. 

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