Four Fantastic Body Hacks

Answer These Questions to Win at Weight Loss

Q: My biggest struggle is my weight. I seem to put on fat easily but hardly ever seem to be able to lose it or keep it off. Help!



A: Jane, fat loss is the most common reason people join gyms or do exercise of any kind. You can take some solace in the fact that your body is functioning the way it was designed. We are all programmed, at a genetic level, to be good at storing body fat, because for 7 million years we didn’t have the abundance of food we’ve had for the last 50 years.


As a result of our “genetic superpower” to store fat in case of famine, you have to “hack” your genetic predisposition to help your body both let go of the fat you have, as well as keep it off. Ask yourself the following questions:


Because your body is designed to store fat more easily at times when food is scarce, what happens when we deprive ourselves and then binge? Our metabolism slows down when we deprive ourselves, so we have to feed ourselves high-quality nutrient dense food on a regular basis. That way, our metabolism will be less likely to slow down.


Because your body is designed to move and utilize stored fat as energy, what happens when we are sedentary? When we don’t use the fat we have already stored, and then we overeat, or worse, deprive ourselves and then overeat, we will compound the fat we’ve already stored.


Because our body is designed to store fat more easily in times of stress, what happens if we are consistently stressed? When stressed (daily rush hour commute, boss yelling at us, running around getting kids to 12 activities per weekend, etc.), our bodies perceive this as a threat and will protect us by adding fat more easily in case we need it later. Stress is further exacerbated when you get less than eight hours of sleep per night


Because our bodies are designed for fat storage, and we have high-calorie, nutrient-poor foods at our fingertips, what can we do to lessen or eliminate the effect of these foods on our weight? By even having these foods (or any unhealthy foods) in your home, you almost guarantee that you’ll eat them. Consider this – did you eat the box of cookies you didn’t buy? Silly question, but no.


Jane, when we stop eating unhealthy foods, stop depriving ourselves, stop binging, and start moving on a regular basis, you’ll find that the excess fat will begin to come off and will stay off.



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