Five Ways to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Pleasure Sanctuary

How to Create a Boudoir At Home









Some people love the indulgence of going to a hotel for a sexy getaway. Why? Often our bedroom evolves into an all-purpose room with distractions of things left undone, chores to do and of the everyday mundane. A hotel is a refuge from all of the to-do lists and offers a clean, tidy, and uncluttered sanctuary where we take the opportunity to relax and surrender to the moment in a sensuous space.

Wouldn’t it be great to experience more of that feeling at home? We can create a space that takes us away from the rest of our lives and where we feel relaxed and also add our own touch of romantic and sensual energy. Feng Shui uses the principles of balance of energies to create harmony and specific outcomes or intentions for a space. Here are some tips based on Feng Shui on how to transform your bedroom into a den of romance or to create a boudoir at home.

Clear the clutter: Put things away: in bins, on shelves, in cupboards or dressers. Take on one area of the room at a time to see what you want to keep and what is taking up emotional and physical space. Anything you are not sure that you want to let go of can go in a bin labeled with the date and stored for a year. If you don’t miss anything in it, take it to a charity when the year is up without opening it first. If you open it, chances are it will end up back in your closet or out cluttering your space again.

Keep your bedroom as a space for new memories. Don’t hang onto anything that came from or reminds you of your ex. You don’t need that old energy hanging around your space (they are an ex generally for a reason).  If you are still friends and have items that bring back good memories, put them elsewhere in the house.

Families are great but we don’t need to see pictures of them when we are making love. Keep the pictures of parents, kids, friends and pets in another location of the house. And make sure that you have a good lock on the door if you live with any of them. It is hard to relax when you wonder if someone is standing in the doorway.

Supplies on Hand: Create a private yet accessible place to enhance your sexual needs- toys, condoms, lube etc. You don’t want to have to go digging into the basement to find them when the urge arises. You also don’t necessarily want the kids to find them when they walk into your room to ask if they can go play next door. Some prefer a lock-box, but all you need is a spot in the bedroom that is easy to get to but that won’t be accidentally stumbled upon by unsuspecting others.

Get Rid of Technology: Nothing dampens romance more than hearing your phone go off, the ping of emails and texts or turning on a TV rather than each other. Unless you are going to play movies that get your mojo going, move the TV out. Some even go so far as to suggest getting rid of plugs for cell phones and other electronics. Out of sight, out of mind!

Suggest Sexy: Now that you have more space, bring in a few items (only a few- don’t re-clutter) that evoke the sensual for you. Think about colours that are arousing and warm. Paint is one of the cheapest ways to redecorate! Bring a little red or colour that arouses you into the room- one wall or drapes or bedcover. An erotic sculpture or piece of art also helps set the tone. And have pairs of things- two lamps, two bedside tables or two candles. The energy of two inspires and evokes the spirit of people playing together. 

Include something from nature. If plants don’t stand a chance under your care, then consider a bouquet of feathers, flowers and petals, or a small fountain in a bowl of rocks or even an image of an outdoor scene. The natural world often brings us back to our subconscious animal nature. 

Sex Up Your Senses: We generally don’t like to be blinded by bright lights or unable to see what we are doing in the dark. Most of us feel sexier in soft light, so have your mood-lighting options ready-to-go ahead of time. Create soft light- with either a dimmer on the lights, a different coloured light bulb, candles or a non-flammable scarf over a lampshade.

Create a sensual space by boosting your other senses such as smell, touch and hearing. Place essential oils, naturally scented candles, and fresh flowers to boost your olfactory sense. Put some nicely-scented lotion in your bedside table – make it a ritual to nurture your whole body with your- or another person’s touch. Create a play-list that makes you and a partner both feel sexy and relaxed. Make sure to have something easily at hand to play music that is sensual. Add some textures such as pillows, a throw, or a scarf that feel sensual to touch and can be used to tease or play with each other.

Creating a boudoir at home is not difficult to do; it requires a little prep and if sharing a bedroom, negotiation about how to create the space ahead of time. Once you have created the space, your boudoir is ready with a moment’s notice. Put on your favourite play-list, display some flowers or scented oils, prepare your soft lighting, slip into something sensual while lounging on the silky textures on your bed, add a glass of wine or decadent tastes and feast your eyes on your beautiful surroundings. You’ll be happy to skip the hotel for the convenience and pleasures of home! 

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