Fall Back in Love with Your Skin

Four Holistic Beauty Solutions

Health is the foundation of beauty. Skin, our largest organ, greatly influences how we perceive our external appearance and advocates for our internal health. During the dark, cold winter, dissatisfaction with our reflection should encourage us to adjust our diet and skincare to the weather conditions. As with any successful relationship, communication and understanding are key — it’s better to listen when your skin whispers, so you don’t have to hear it scream.


Here are some of the common ways our skin communicates with us and the holistic solutions to rebalance your health and beauty:


  1. Large pores generally result from overproduction of sebum that has accumulated and stretched pores. It’s normal to react by depriving the skin of oil, but in winter, the main culprit is usually dehydration. For those over 35, the enlarged pores can also be caused by loss of tone.


LOVE YOUR SKIN BY incorporating a hydrating serum in your daily skincare routine to help reduce oil production. For instant results, try facial treatments like Photofacials or Sea Salt Microdermabrasion to tighten skin and reduce pore size. Ensure your diet includes enough fluids and hydrating foods like soups, root vegetables and fruits.


  1. Redness usually signals skin sensitivity and Rosacea. Common causes are allergies, dehydration and excessive internal heat.  


LOVE YOUR SKIN BY using products with hydrating and cooling ingredients like Collagen, Coconut, Babasso, Kelp, and Aloe Vera. Daily use of serums and moisturizers provide skin with much needed hydration, reducing redness. Calm your mind with meditation or relaxing activities to reduce the root cause of internal heat.  Eat cooling foods like salads, grains and fruits and avoid caffeine, spicy foods and meat.


  1. Acne is most often caused by hormones, internal toxicity or dehydration. Whether your acne is mild or acute, start with an internal cleanse.


LOVE YOUR SKIN BY using hydrating and purifying products with ingredients like French Clay, Black Mud, Black Charcoal or Algae to aid in the detox. Switch from caffeinated drinks to herbal or medicinal teas. Vigorous exercise helps to counteract your body’s desire to hibernate at this time of year. Stimulating spices like cinnamon and ginger in your diet will increase your body’s ability to detoxify.  


  1. Fine lines are a result of dehydration caused by cold weather constricting our blood circulation. Low hydration can also affect the function of kidneys.


LOVE YOUR SKIN BY adding a serum and richer moisturizer to soften and protect skin from natural elements. Try to drink more non-caffeinated fluids and increase vegetable and fibre intake.


The daily ritual of self-care should feel like a rewarding celebration of health. Your skin deserves to be treated with nothing less than the pure, nourishing elements lovingly provided by nature.  This season of love, make time for some self-loving and nurture this relationship!


Jean Eng is an Ayurvedic skincare specialist and the co-founder of Pure+Simple, a Canadian spa chain and retailer of natural beauty products. 


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