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Pamper Yourself

Valentine’s Day is a time to show our love to that special person.  Let that person be you.


Poets celebrate eyes as “the window to your soul”. Are you instead lamenting their puffiness or dark circles?  Your pursuit of beauty can lead to your connectedness to yourself holistically.  


Take care of the puffiness and dark circles by massaging a serum enriched with collagen and hyaluronic acid to boost circulation of lymph and blood around the eyes.  Wrinkles can be avoided all day with a moisturizer with nourishing oils like avocado and sunflower.  Protect hydration of delicate eyelids under make up with an eye cream with aloe vera and borage oil.


Dry skin and puffiness around eyes reflect tired kidneys. So, awaken your kidneys in the morning with warm herbal tea with uva ursi. Show your kidneys some love with the advice of your Traditional Chinese Doctor.


Is there anything less welcome in our mirrors than wrinkles? These abhorred signs of aging are really signs of imbalance in our internal organs.  Most facial lines are minimized with good daily skincare.  Follow a four-step regime from nature.  Plump skin cells with a serum of saline water and protein.  Maintain skin hydration with a combination of facial oils and moisturizers. And combat internal dehydration with a vegetarian diet.


Reverse skin aging with a combination of deep exfoliation of dry skin and wrinkles with Microdermabrasion and Photo Facials.  The sea salt can exfoliate and hydrate skin while Red Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Treatments can stimulate collagen production to rejuvenate skin at a deep and longlasting level.


Seeing red?  Or hearing the sighs of a challenged digestion?  If you suffer flushed cheeks temporarily, go gentle on your skincare.  When the redness becomes chronic as Rosacea, then your best choice to reduce the redness is Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Treatments.  With as little as one treatment you can effectively and safely reduce the redness of your skin.


Improve weak digestion with digestive enzymes and herbal bitters. If you suffer from food allergies and intolerances, the help of a nutritionist can make eating and beauty a delightful experience.


Is the sight of blemishes breaking your heart? Or are you hearing the cries of your distressed liver?  Contrary to popular belief, acne is not due to oily skin.  Root cause can be dehydration creating an overproduction of oils or excess internal toxins from overworked kidneys or bowels.  


Skin can be decongested and pores unclogged with exfoliation and a good skincare regime not unlike the one described earlier.  IPL Blue Light can replace antibiotics in killing the P. Acnes bacteria deep in the skin without side effects.  Detoxification programs are best when supervised by a Naturopath.

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