Drink Box Battle

Kool-Aid vs. Kiju

If juice is a staple in your home, make sure that what you’re buying is, in fact, juice. Kool-Aid Jammers Orange may look like juice, but don’t be fooled by the images of oranges on the package. It clearly states that it “contains 0% juice.” Instead, it’s an ‘artificially flavoured drink made of high-fructose corn syrup, artificial flavour and artificial colours’.


Savvy Alert:
High-fructose corn syrup
Preservative (calcium disodium EDTA)
Artificial flavour
Artificial colours


Artificial Colours:

Synthetic dyes are often added to enhance a food's natural colours and to offset colour loss after processing. Food manufacturers believe the brighter colour makes a food or drink more appealing to kids. That may be so, but artificial dyes don’t serve any health or nutritional purpose. Many artificial colours have been implicated in triggering hyperactive behaviour in children.

Savvy Pick

When buying juice, there are so many options, it’s difficult to choose. Read the ingredients’ list carefully and look for brands made with real fruit juice that contain the least amount of additives. We’re juiced about Kiju Organic Mango Orange. It’s real juice, and it’s certified organic. Best of all, it has no added sugar or dangerous ingredients.



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