Destination: Fitness Goals!

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An upcoming trip, even for pleasure, can make us feel anxious if we’ve been doing great with our workouts and nutrition. The uncertainty of not knowing how we’d deal with jetlag, if a gym will be nearby or what the quality of the food will be can make us wonder if we’ll fall back on poor habits and regress. No matter the purpose or destination, a bit of planning and sense of adventure will ensure we come back home with stories to share and eager to get back to our routine.


1.Domestic business trips: amenities will be available as most hotels will have at least a small gym; others a full-fledged fitness centre with top of the line equipment. A café offering fruit cups, veggies and hummus or yummy salads are often on site or in short walking distance. You can even pack instant oatmeal and use the coffee maker in your room to start off the day with some nutrition in your belly. The challenges lie more in long hours and meetings often around meal times. Have a look at the menu online ahead and make your choices; perhaps a shared appetizer that’s a bit more indulgent, then, a lovely lean protein for your main.  


2.Sun and sand:  food and drink available 24/7, all you can eat buffets, and a desire to lie in the sun all day could provide more temptation that we can resist. Plan according to your day: if you know you’ll be sitting by the pool all day, then breakfast means a light omelet with some fruit. If you’re booked for parasailing, playing beach volleyball and will dance the night away, then you can indulge more at the buffet. Use the smaller plates and fill your first one with veggies and lean protein. The “cocktail of the day” will be delicious, yet likely full of sugar and liquid calories add up in no time. Choose the days when you’ll try it, have just one, and enjoy every sip.


3. London calling: a European destination will provide countless opportunities to walk; be it to get around a lovely country town or a day in a museum. Pack a couple of pairs of walking shoes and make sure you break them in before you fly. Take full advantage of “Mediterranean diets” and eat how the locals eat.  Enjoy your meals slowly, watch the world go by, and take in the scenery.  Remember that if you want to try a yummy dessert, it’s a treat not a cheat! Portion control can be easier in countries that don’t have “supersize” as part of their culture so give yourself permission to indulge.


4. To and from: remember that travel, especially a vacation, is meant to bring adventures and help us rejuvenate. Making the most out of that time and truly enjoying ourselves can actually give us much needed reprieve and drive us even closer towards our goals when we return. Our first day back is key and we can get back on track in no time; stay well hydrated during the flight back, have a lunch prepared in the freezer for the next day, and have your gym bag packed with your favourite workout gear.


Nathalie Lacombe is the Vice President of canfitpro, the largest provider of education in the Canadian fitness industry. Nathalie also applies her uniquely vibrant presentation and teaching style to inspire and educate peers, clients, and participants. Her genuine joie de vivre  is infectious to anyone who connects with her.  

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