How It Works

  1. You read the Contest Rules.
    Tonic Writing Contest Rules
  2. You write an original, previously unpublished, article.  The articles must be 450 words OR 950 words. The article must be oriented to one of the following topics: health, wellness, nutrition, green lifestyle, fitness, emotional health, sexual health, spirituality, organics and local food. No advertorial copy (ie. referencing specific goods or services).
  3. You email the article to
  4. We read all the articles submitted and pick three finalists each month. Those articles are posted on our Contest page for the world to see until the end of the month. We will not edit your entries for style or length, but will proofread and correct for grammar, syntax, punctuation and spelling.
  5. Our readers will select the monthly winner – the article that has the most ‘Likes’. Ties are broken with a coin flip.
  6. The winning article is published in the following print version of Tonic. The winning author receives a dollar for every Facebook “Like received until the end of the month, up to a maximum of $100.00
  7. Contestants can submit multiple entries, but are not eligible to compete if they have already won.
  8. The contest will run month to month, until we decide to end it. Entries remain eligible throughout the contest – there is no need to re-submit an article.


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