Clean Eating Over The Holidays

Tips for Hosting and Guesting

The holidays are approaching, which means lots of dinner parties and gatherings to attend.  What a nightmare for someone following a clean plant-focused diet! No one ever wants to be the one to complain or cause a hassle when friends and family are trying to plan a get-together.  Although you have parameters on how you are eating, this shouldn’t be a stressor when it comes to socializing with friends and family.  Your lifestyle choices shouldn’t be compromised!

Do you like being a guest at someone else’s place but worry about maintaining your clean diet while you are there?  Talk to your host ahead of time! This will relieve the stress you may be experiencing and remind your host that you have some restrictions.  If you are still feeling uneasy about attending the party, bring a dish.  Not only will you seem like the most generous guest, this ensures you will have something to eat.  Some ideas include quinoa or green salads, or guacamole or bean dip.  Another trick is to eat something prior to attending the party.  This will help you to avoid temptations and steer away from your clean eating patterns as the night goes on.

Are you always the host or hostess and recently turned to eating clean food?  Don’t worry because there are many options to ensure you will still have guests arriving at your party!  

You can start by hosting a potluck, which provides a variety of dishes, and allows you to include a few clean plant-based ones.  You win because you have something to eat and your friends can enjoy the foods they brought.  Who knows, maybe they will even venture into your clean plant-based dishes! If potlucks aren’t your thing you could always set up your meal in a cooking class style, educating your guests while they assist in the preparation of the meal.  You can answer their questions and they can see exactly what is going into their dinner.  It usually isn’t as bad as they think!  If that still won’t work for you and your guests, arrange to go out to a healthy restaurant where the servers can help educate your friends on the benefits of plant-based foods.

No matter what time of year it is, dinner parties can always pose a challenge for those who are health conscious.  With these easy tips you will be able to enjoy your guests more, while feeling comfortable, eating clean, and hopefully feeling full!

I always find the perfect dish to bring to a holiday party is something easy like a dip, quinoa, soup or salad. This is sure to make everyone happy and provide you with something to enjoy in case all else fails.


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