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Our Eyes Are The Windows to the Healthy Liver

There’s a Chinese adage that says: “Treat your eyes like your treasure!”

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), our eyes and the liver are closely related. The Chinese believe a strong liver and kidneys will prevent aging. The liver is our body’s most important organ after the heart, performing many important functions including metabolism, detoxification and the formation of important compounds including blood clotting factors.  A weak liver may affect memory, sleep, thyroid, body weight and one’s mood.

In hospitals, newborn babies are checked for jaundice, a common liver condition that reveals a yellow colour in the eyes and skin.  In Iridology, (a system to analyze the health through reading the iris), every organ is connected to the iris, through the nervous system. The nerve fibers receive their impulses through the optic nerve, optic thalami, and the spinal cord.  

Naturally, when our eyes are strong, the energy will reflect back to all parts of the body, including the state of our liver.

“Of our five senses, sight is the most important for leading a long normal life and stimulates the soul. If all the muscles in your body need exercise, and you know the feeling of sluggishness when you don’t get a workout, don’t your eyes feel neglected? I was taught the eye exercises by Master Wu. I will compare it to doing aerobics for the eyes; the whole body feels good when the eyes get their exercises.”– Tony Yeung, PhD. (USA)

Chinese Chi Gong (also referred as Qi Gong)

Qi Gong’s popularity has grown as an effective treatment after Tai Chi and acupuncture, because of the Qi theory. Qi Gong is sometimes described as “acupuncture without needles.” A daily practice improves the flow of our life force energy or Chi. There are many forms of Qi Gong and they are designed for different therapeutic purposes. One form of Qi Gong that supports eye health and therefore the liver is Wu’s Eye Qi Gong® developed by Grandmaster Weizhao Wu.

Story of Wu's Eye Qi Gong®

Many people are fascinated and touched by the story of Wu’s Eye Qi Gong® and how it was created.  In the late 1980s, Grandmaster Wu returned home from a trip and found his mother’s eyes bleeding.  The diagnosis was a stroke and hardening of the arteries.  According to the doctor, his mother was going blind.  It would take years for her eyes to heal and the chances were slim. The Wu’s Eye Qi Gong® form was created almost overnight to save his mother’s failing eyes and keep her from going blind. Wu taught his mother how to do his eye Chi Gong form and every day he also performed concentrated chi healing on her eyes.  Within weeks, his mother’s eyes regained complete vision and she was able to thread a needle. She was in her 80’s!  It was a complete surprise to him and to the medical doctors.

Between 1990 and 1992, Wu represented the Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City to lead a 100-person medical research team to conduct a three-year comprehensive scientific study on the effects of Qi Gong on the eyes. It involved 4,000 volunteers who practiced Wu's Eye Qi Gong ® for various eye problems. The Wu’s Eye Qi Gong® proved to have more than a 90 percent success rate, and due to such a high achievement, Wu’s Eye Qi Gong® was introduced throughout China to physicians, educators and children through the public school system. To this day, students maintain a daily routine of eye exercises and very few of them wear glasses. He was highly regarded for his contribution and received many honours and awards. Wu’s Eye Qi Gong® since then has been used as a self-help tool for various eye problems, such as tired eyes, glaucoma, macular degeneration, detached retina and much more.  The home practice DVD is the most popular and in demand.

The Wu’s Eye Qi Gong® program consists of a series of gentle, easy to do eye movements together with a focused breath. It can be performed in a sitting or lying position.  It is excellent as a prevention or support tool for improving the health of the eyes and liver.  The teachings are comprehensive and educational. Students are shown step-by-step how easily they can perform the movements. The practice can be performed in as little as 10 minutes or longer, according to a person’s needs.  

Students report that practicing the Wu's Eye Qi Gong®, using new refined techniques helps with myopia, macular degeneration, blurry eyes, dry eyes, tired eyes, cataracts, headaches/migraines. It is a simple form that takes only minutes a day to practice, yet yields immediate results. It is especially useful for those who are using the computer for long periods of time.


Master Teresa Yeung is successor to Grandmaster Weizhao Wu who achieved the highest Chi Gong title in China.  She is author of Life Force: Miraculous Power of Qi Gong and also founder of The Seventh Happiness School of Chi Gong, a registered private institute in Canada. Master Teresa designed the Wu’s Eye Qi Gong® into a 6-series program, available in a set of 3 DVDs or online digital download. Please visit or

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