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Following my two articles in the October and November 2014 issues of Tonic Magazine: “Chi Gong – Energy Work:  Foundation of Youth”  and “Chi Gong for Your health:  Our Eyes are the Windows to a Healthy Liver”,  readers showed interest in Chi Gong Healing.  Here is some follow-up information on Chi Gong.

Is Chi Gong an “Energy Medicine”?

With roots stemming back over 5,000 years, Chinese Chi Gong has always been used in two ways:

Self practicing of Chi Gong disciplines:   moving with breath work and visualisation and basic gentle movements.  As Chi Gong does not demand much of your physical energy, it is very energizing and makes it easy to replenish our loss of life force energy.  

Chi Emission from a Chi Gong “Healer”:  the Healer visualizes energy coming from the universe and projects Chi to the recipients.  In the Chinese culture when people are terminally ill they may look for a chi gong master for a chi healing  to help them release the problems  and energy of their disease and maintain health.

Chi Gong’s energy is bio-magnetic

Research scientists love finding the answers to the unknown. I was introduced to one of James Oschman’s books, “Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis” by one of my students in Florida. Dr. Oschman is a cellular biologist and physiologist who wrote a number of books on the mind-body connection and the role of ‘natural energies’ for healing.

The work of Dr. Oschman is very important because his books cover most of the questions people ask about the workings of energy, especially how it heals the body. Scientific evidence and research in medicine, measuring the magnetic energy from electricity, brain waves, bio-magnetic fields, cell structure, living matrix, acupuncture and related therapies, show that energy fields can be projected from the hands in Qi Gong, homeopathy, distant healings and group healing circles.

I am interested in supporting the scientific research behind Chi Gong and volunteered to participate in a three day Qi study carried out at York University in 2013. Researchers tracked eight physiological channels of dependent variable data across five healers (three "real" healers and 2 "non-healer controls") and 16 blinded "recipients". The researchers are still examining the data as the study was very large.

Dr. Oschman explores how “molecules and their vibrations orchestrate all living processes.  No one has ever seen a molecule: they are simply too small. Molecules are composed of atoms, which are made up of electrons. Virtually all of our knowledge about molecules, and about matter in general, has come from studying the ways light interacts with electrons.  When two objects have similar natural frequencies, they can interact without touching.” He explains the research that illustrates how masters of the Qi Gong technique can project measurable amounts of heat from their palms to increase cell growth, DNA and protein synthesis, and cell respiration. One explanation for facilitation and inhibiting Qi is based on the fact that the circulation to the skin is influenced by the autonomic nervous system.

Through visualization of the practitioner, the pineal gland acts as the primary magneto-receptor connecting with the magnetic field of the earth (20 and 30% of pineal cells are magnetically sensitive reviewed by Sandyk 1995).  The energy that energy healers project from their hands has proven to assist with healing eg. injury repair.  

Chi Emission or Fa Chi

In Chinese culture, we call this process of emitting energy – Chi emission or Fa Chi. The practitioner can be a Chi Gong master or a trained practitioner referred to as “Fa Chi Si”.  “Si” means practitioner in Chinese.  Chi Gong “healers” usually practice the discipline of Chi Gong forms for self-healing and improve one’s abilities to connect to universe energy.

When the energy of the recipients is being provided, this biomagnetic energy – Chi, causes many things to happen.  You feel better –  at least feel relaxed, calm and peaceful.  Certain areas might feel better or a lot better. There was no healing performed but facilitators assisted in the process of amplifying the biomagnetic energy field of the body.

Chi Emission can be used to balance the acupoints, meridians and channels, eyes, liver, pancreas, lung, kidneys, skin, bones, digestion, insomnia, blood pressure, fibromyalgia,  injuries, anxieties, stress, depression, arthritis,  aches and pain, down to easing wrinkles and clearing acne.  A group Chi balancing can also be exciting as the master will organize and harmonize everyone’s energy field through providing the magnetic energy of the earth. The use of Chi is endless and it is exciting to see the application of Fa Chi evolve.  I invite you to experiment and explore the benefits of a Chi Gong Balancing Session.


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