Chi Emission

Master Teresa Yeung has helped people feel better and attain peace through her practice. She explains all about Chi Emissions in her latest exclusive article for Tonic Magazine.

How is the Health of Your Subtle Body?

Tantrayana Buddhism is a path that uses the body as a vehicle for transformation of the self. Learn about the great methods for releasing blockages in the channels, opening them and making them flexible and supple.

Get Your Bliss On

Syma Kharal knows that meditation positively and powerfully affects mind-body-spirit wellness. She has five tips to enhance and deepen your meditation practice.

Soul Mind Body Medicine

Modern medicine focuses on matter. Traditional Chinese medicine focuses on qi. Qi is vital energy and life force. “if qi flows, one is healthy. If qi is blocked, one is sick.” Traditional Chinese medicine uses herbs, acupuncture and massage to promote the flow of qi for healing.

Heal the Loss of Loved Ones

For over thirty years, Suzane Northrop has helped thousands worldwide to recover and heal from the loss of family and friends by bridging the gap between the world of the living and the spiritual world. Learn about her work.