Say Cheese


Ilir Pristine wil tell you all you need to konw about this nutty cow's milk cheese - which is perfect for melting.

Grana Padano

Ilir Pristine will tell you why this cousin of Parmesan cheese might be the better value buy.


Ilir Pristine loves this French cheese made from unpasteurized cow's milk. Find out why.

A Glorious Bastardo

This cheese got its name as it was a made from a mix of goat, sheep and cow's milk. Ilir Pristine will tell you the perfect pairing.

Pecorino Sardo

Ilir Pristine thinks you'll appreciated the taste of this cheese made from milk from free-range sheep, rather from that of sheep raised in barns.

Montasio PDO

Fresh, semi-aged, or very old; Montasio can be milky and buttery when young, and savoury and aromatic when aged.