Loving Legumes

If you're looking for a healthy vegetable based source of protein, legumes might be your best choice. Marni Wasserman explains the virtues of the versatile pulse.

Vitamin C

We all know its important to ingest Vitamin C. Marni Wasserman will explain how it helps you fight illness, which foods contain it and how to consume it.

Pleasant Plant-Based Hosting

When inviting people into your home to help celebrate the season, there can be added pressure if your guests don't follow the same lifestyle as you. Marni Wasserman has some great ideas on being a welcoming holiday host.

Six Foods to Help You "Feel Full"

Some people think that eating a plant based diet will leave you feeling hungry. Holistic Nutritionist, Marni Wasserman, presents six foods that will fill you up as the Toronto weather gets colder.

Top Fall Food Trends

Marni Wasserman keeps a close eye on hot ticket food items. Find out which healthy edibles you should be stocking on your shelves.

Mazak Farms

In this new column Lora Maghanoy explores the local producers growing and making delicious food. This month we visit Mazak Farms - growers of organic asparagus.

Kickstart Your Cleanse

Marni Wasserman knows that with the coming Spring many are considering a detox. She'll tell you why and how you should cleanse. And she's got a Kale Slaw Salad recipe.

Rah! Rah! Raw!

Marni Wasserman thinks that the decision to eat raw foods is highly ambitious. But there are tons of benefits to incorporating more raw foods into your diet. She'll tell you what they are.