Managing Your “Sweet Tooth”

Natural Nutrition Expert Claire LeGresley knows that some of us eat when we're stressed out, and when we do, we eat sugary foods. Read here to find out how to break the stress-sugar cycle.

Good Morning!

Tonic Nutrition Expert Claire LeGresley knows that morning is the most important time for proper nutrition. Find out how your days can be filled with feelings of calm, productivity and happiness.


Tonic Nutrition Expert, Claire Le Gresley, doesn't want you to get hung up on semantics, but rather focus on your willpower and try some mindful eating. Read here to find out the details


Nutrition Expert, Claire LeGresley, wants to bust a few common myths that some people believe when trying to eat healthier. This month she explores why these myths are making your life harder, as well as some much more enjoyable healthy eating behaviours.


If you've determined that certain foods are difficult for you to digest, Nutrition expert, Claire LeGresley encourages you to be a 'diet detective' and swap out the offending foods for these healthy substitutes.

Mindful Eating

Tonic Nutrition Expert Claire LeGresley wants you to really, really think about what you're eating. What exactly does mindful eating mean? Read here and find out.

Happy Healthy Holiday Hosting

Holiday hosting doesn't have to be a chore. Marni Wasserman has some simple tips to spruce up your holiday menus. And she's got an amazing recipe for a Festive Farro Salad.

How To Eat Well When You're Traveling

Just because you're on holiday doesn't mean that you have to give up your healthy diet. Marni Wasserman has eight tips to help you keep on the straight and narrow when you're traveling.

The Dirty Dozen

While buying organic produce is important for your health, not all are created equal. Marni Wasserman has the scoop on the twelve fruits and vegetables that you should make a point of buying organic.

The Next Big Things

If you want to know, from those in the know, what are the hottest, healthiest ingredients for fall, look no further. Marni Wasserman has the scoop on three new foods that everyone is talking about.

Smart Swaps

Marni Wasserman knows that brunch can be the least healthy meal to eat. But it doesn't have to be. Find out what ingredients to swap in and out of that Mother's Day Brunch you're planning.

Superfoods for Super Men

Micronutrients are all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals (good-for-you plant chemicals) that practitioners believe reduce the risk of weight gain, obesity, and chronic diseases like cancer. Nutrition expert, Marni Wasserman, thinks that everyone, but especially men, should consider what micronutrients they're eating in order to stay healthy.

Clean Eating Over The Holidays

Marni Wasserman knows that you'll be hosting and going to a lot of parties over the coming months. She has some excellent ideas on keepng your diet clean during all the festivities.

Healing Hot Cuppas

We all know that those sugary coffee concoctions are bad for you. Marni Wasserman has some advice looking for the best hot cups during the cold and blustery days.

Water & Your Health

Nutrition Expert, Marni Wasserman, knows that all of you will be busy outside in the Summer Sun. She wants to make sure that you stay properly hydrated and tells you exactly how to do so.


You may have heard of it, but aren't sure how to use it. Nutrition Expert, Marni Wasserman, has all the answers about chia seeds.

Take Baby Steps

In might be an exaggeration to say its never to early to eat a natural plant based diet. But Marni Wasserman explains how and when to get your infant eating healthy foods.