Natural Remedies

GYO Cannabis

Growing your own marijuana, for medical reasons or otherwise, is a viable option for Canadians. Tonic Cannabis Expert, Rick Gilman explains the ins and outs. Read here.

Treat yourself like a Queen

Did you know that Queen Victoria was given cannabis tincture every month to treat her menstrual cramps. Medical Marijuana expert Michael Murchison explains the historical use and current benefits of cannabis for womens' health issues.

The Cannabis Strain Name Game

Tonic Medical Cannabis Expert Michael Murchison knows that the purpose of the names of the strains of marijuana is very different on the black market and the legitimate medical side. He argues that as we transition into a legitimized recreational market the names of the strains have to legitimize as well. Read here.

Have a DIY ‘Spa Day’!

You don't have to go to an expensive spa to get treatments for your skin. Natural Health experts Joel Thuna and Claude Gallant have five recipes for treatments you can try at home. Read here.

Preventing Reefer Madness

Most people have don't believe the fear mongering about marijuana. But Expert, Michael Murchison wants you to know that cannabis isn't completely safe. Read about the real dangers of marijuana here.

Raising Happy Healthy Kids

Tonic Natural Health and Wellness Experts, Joel Thuna and Claude Gallant know that you want your kids to be healthy, happy and thrive. Read here for some amazing tips on how to make that happen.

Why We Get High

Marijuana and Fitness? The two don't seem to work together. But don't jump to any conclusions, Medical Marijuana Expert, Michael Murchision, thinks that in some circumstances the combination might make sense.


Some of you may know that silica is known as the "beauty mineral". Find out it can help you have healthy skin, nails and hair.

Enhancing Fertility

Bryce Wylde knows that it's frustrating for couples having difficulty conceiving. He reviews the latest in natural fertility treatments and explains how a personalized approach to the issue might be best.

Holy Basil:

Renita Rietz reviews the culinary anthropology of this wonderful plant. Find out how you can include Holy Basil into your diet.


Renita Reitz has all the information you'll need to know about this nutritious Asian berry that's been consumed for generations for its amazing health benefits.

Reduce the Flab!

Joel Thuna and Claude Gallant understand that for long term health and fitness, aerobic and cardio-workouts won't cut it. You need to build muscle. Find out how and why.