Health & Wellness

Taking Care of Number One

Natural Health Expert, Kathy Shwydky, knows that sometimes a 'time out' to do something for yourself is the best remedy. Read here to find out some ideas of what you can do ...for you.

Hard Boiled

If you think that boiling your tap water removes all the impurities, think again. Srebri Petrov explains why adding zeolites returns your water to its pristine natural state.

Get the Best Naturopathic Care

There are two parties to the treatment when you seek naturopathic care; the ND and the patient. Stuart Foxman has sound advice on how to maximize the return on your natural treatment by being a smart patient.

The Scoop on Poop

We don't like talking about it, but bowel health is important to overall health. Health Experts Joel Thuna and Claude Gallant have five tips to keep you regular.

Five Ways to Revitalize

Your body may be ready for the hectic schedule of Fall, but is your mind? Joy McCarthy has five tips to get the most out of your brain during this high stress time.


You may not know it, but they're in a lot of the products you buy. Fred Munawa gives you the scoop on harmful Phthalates.