Allergies & Special Diets

The Keto Diet

Tonic Publisher Jamie Bussin hosted Keto expert Ryan Foley on a recent episode of THE TONIC Talk Show. Read this excerpted article to learn everything about the keto diet, including whether it is right for you.

Sprouting 101

The food generating the most buzz this year will be sprouts. Lisa Cantkier gives you the straight scoop on what you need to know about this nutritious food.

Breaking Bread

There are a lot gluten free recipes floating around. They address the dietary restrictions for Celiacs, but do they taste good? Lisa Cantkier has a delicious gluten free loaf you can make at home.

Canada's Own Celebrity Chef Mark McEwan

We all know that Celebrity Chef Mark McEwan makes deliciously decadent food. But did you know about his personal healthy lifestyle or his efforts to serve healthy food at his restaurants? Read Lisa Cantkier's exclusive article for Tonic to learn more about this Toronto food icon.

Goodbye Gluten

Where can you go to find a wide selection of gluten-free foods in Toronto. Goodbye Gluten is a specialty store featuring a wide variety of products, in-house baked goods and prepared foods perfect for those suffering from Celiac Disease or trying to live a gluten-free lifestyle.

Foods that Boost Bone Health

Leading Celiac Disease Expert, Lisa Cantkier, understands that maintaining bone density is a particular problem for those who have a gluten intolerance. She suggests the top foods and supplements that can help battle osteoporosis.