Become an Olympian

Five Factors in Your Quest for Success

Many of us get inspired by watching the Olympics and Paralympics, not just by the incredible gold-medal performances, but by the more heart-wrenching stories of individuals who overcame huge odds to represent their country on the world stage. There is a “if they can do it, maybe I can too” viral energy. Maybe you can do it. So what is holding you back?

The truth is very few of us could compete at the highest levels, not because we don’t have the genetic potential, but because of things that are more or less in our control. Here they are and what you can actually do about it if the Olympic bug still has you in its grips:

Not enough time: This the same excuse that keeps us from regular fitness commitments, starting a business, visiting relatives, and other equally important things. If you took three hours per week that you spend watching television, you could invest that into your fitness. It might not get you all the way there, but it’s a start.

Body (height/weight/build, etc.): If you look at world class athletes, there are certain body types in certain sports. Try matching what you’ve got to one of those sports that typically has those builds and you might get a little closer.

Technique: This is a tough one because some sports require a lifetime of technique refinement. If you’re just starting out, choose a sport that requires less technique.

Support: This is an easier one because we live in an age where the combination of online video, remote coaching, and live coaching can bridge a gap that existed even ten years ago. Hire a coach to tell you what to work on most.

Passion: This will get you up in the morning and keep you thinking about your sport while you sleep. Pick a sport you are passionate about so when you hit a rough patch, you will get through it because you still love the sport.

Realistically, four years from now you probably won’t find yourself on the podium having an Olympic or Paralympic medal hung around your neck. But what if you started the journey and along the way you discovered or rediscovered a sport you are passionate about and made healthy living a part of your lifestyle? Wouldn’t the journey be even more valuable than the destination?

A speaker, coach and author, and combining almost 30 years of fitness and wellness, Rod is the vice president of canfitpro, the largest provider of education in the Canadian fitness industry. Overseeing this dynamic 100,000 member organization, Rod continues to propel its growth and position as a leader in the global fitness industry. Rod is a cross-Canada cyclist, NLP Practitioner, RYT 200, Certified Coach Practitioner, and 4-time Ironman finisher. For more information on Rod, visit  and for and for more information on canfitpro, visit

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