Beauty Advice from a Clean Living Friend

Three DIY Tips

I have this one friend who enjoys getting creative with her food. Apart from being the only vegan in our friendship circle (which trust me, in a group that consists of individuals who believe that bacon can cure all, she has to get really creative to please us when she’s in the kitchen), she also strives to live as “clean” as possible. She favours natural products over those laden with chemicals, and she meticulously reads labels to see just what she’s putting in and on her body. She is, in a nutshell, my clean-living inspiration.

I frequently get messages from her telling me about an all-natural cosmetics line that she just discovered or my personal favourite: a photo of her, relaxing at home with her latest homemade concoction smeared all over her face. I did mention she likes to great creative with her food, right? In an effort to clean house – or more specifically, my beauty cabinet – I raided her cabinets to scope out some of her favourite ingredients to use for her daily skincare routine.

Coconut oil – It should come as no shock that coconut oil is her “go-to” when it comes to DIY skincare. Coconut oil provides a dose of vitamin E, which has great skin-nourishing and anti-aging properties. The oil is also rich in proteins, which help keep skin healthy and rejuvenated and can contribute to cellular health and tissue repair. Conveniently, coconut oil can be used pretty much everywhere.

Try this: To cleanse your face, mix a small amount of coconut oil (about the size of a quarter) and add a few drops of tea tree oil (great for acne-prone skin; substitute tea tree for lavender oil if your skin is sensitive) and massage into your face. Grab a hot damp washcloth and layer it on your face for a few seconds to wipe off the oil and dirt. Thoroughly wipe off all oil and have a quick rinse with warm water.

Coffee – We can’t deny the importance (and sheer necessity) of a great cup of coffee. But the next time you’re looking for a great exfoliant, grab a handful of your ground coffee beans and hit the shower. The grounds are gritty enough to slough off any dead skin, but gentle enough not to be too harsh or abrasive. Coffee (and caffeine) can help diminish the appearance of cellulite and tighten and tone the look of your skin.

Try this: Simply mix fresh ground coffee, sugar and your favourite oil (coconut and olive are great options) and rub over skin. Let sit for a few minutes, then rinse.

Corn starch – While there aren’t an abundance of health benefits to speak of when it comes to corn starch, this ingredient has become a featured player when talk turns to beauty and skincare hacks.

Try this: Soak up excess oil from your hair with DIY dry shampoo. Mix cornstarch and a few drops of your favourite essential oil and tap along the root of your hair with a makeup brush.  Wait a few moments, then comb or tousle it out.


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