Battle of the Chewing Gums

Trident Spearmint Sugar-Free Chewing Gum vs. Xylichew Spearmint Sugar-Free Chewing Gum

Sugar-free chewing gum helps freshen your breath and can help protect your teeth, but what about the rest of your body? Many brands include artificial sweeteners that have been linked with a wide range of adverse reactions.


Artificial sweeteners – Acesulfame Potassium, Aspartame, Sucralose

Artificial sweeteners extend how long a chewing gum’s flavour lasts in your mouth, but they have potentially dangerous side effects. Trident has three types, including aspartame, an excitotoxin that has been linked to headaches, memory loss, behavioural problems and many other symptoms.

Savvy Pick

Trident Sugar-Free gum may help prevent cavities, but its long list of ingredients can create a host of other health issues. Instead of dangerous artificial sweeteners, Xylichew is sweetened with xylitol, a safe, low calorie sweetener that has been proven to improve oral health. Chew on that, Trident.




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