Bad Breath is an Infection



Gum disease is the most common chronic disease of man. It is as old as civilization. Cleopatra had it. It is said that she could take out her bottom front teeth with her fingers and put them back in because they were “fused” into one block with the tartar deposits on them.

85% of North Americans suffer from some gum disease. Whether severe pockets, loose teeth, gingivitis or just bad breath, the real cause of gum disease is an infection.

The symptoms of the disease for each individual will depend on which “bug” has landed and whether the “terrain” (your immunity) was welcoming. In 80% of the cases of gum disease, the cause of the infection is not just bacteria, but also a parasite called entamoeba gingivalis, (amoeba for short).

If you have breath that offends, especially if it smells like mothballs or stale garlic, and your gums feel itchy or bleed easily, you probably have caught this ‘beastie”.  As long as he resides in your gums, you will have a very hard time keeping your breath sweet, your gums healthy and your teeth clean no matter how often you brush or go to the hygienist.

Most importantly, you can transmit gum disease and bad breath to those you live with through sharing food, dishes or telephones — not a nice gift to give your loved ones. This spreads the affliction around the family. People blame gum disease on heredity. Not so! Just because you parents had gum problems, does not mean you need to follow their steps. But as you can see it can be familial; spread through families.

Besides causing bad breath and dental expense, a parasite infection of your gums can make the rest of you sick. If you scratch your infected gums with a toothbrush or sharp piece of food or have your teeth cleaned by a hygienist, this one cell animal can end up pushed into your blood. As the amoeba circulates in your blood, it can settle on the heart valves causing endocarditis, as well as affect other organs e.g. the pancreas, causing diabetes, or the joints, causing arthritis, just to name some chronic illnesses.

How do you know if you are harboring a culprit?

A Microscopic analysis of your plaque is a simple and inexpensive test that can give you that information. Dentists and Hygienists are now learning this simple diagnostic technique. A sample of your plaque is collected from your gum line and is placed under a microscope for viewing. If there is an infection, you can clearly see the amoebas at work under the microscope’s lens, eating away at your immunity, at your energy, at your health – robbing you of your sweet, kissable breath.

If an infection is identified, there are natural protocols that eradicate the infection.  Our ancestors used to do that with their spring and fall deworming of the family and also their animals.  If you do a proper cleansing protocol to clear out parasites and other infections, you not only will heal your bad breath, but also your gums and your health. This is often a part of our hygiene we neglect because we are not aware of the problem.