Author: Sari Nisker-Fox

Yoga In Strange Places

Sure, you could practice yoga at a studio or in your home. But local yogi Sari Nisker Fox will tell you why its invigorating to practice in "strange places" . Read here to find out more.

Yoga is the Journey Back to Love

Local Yogi Sari Nisker-Fox thinks that the most important relationship we'll have isn't with our parents, kids or mate but rather ourselves. Read here to find out what that means and how a yoga practice plays a key part.

Dive In!

There are different ways of learning a new topic or modality. Local Yogi, Sari Nisker-Fox, recommends immersing yourself. Read here to find out how and why.

Get Well With Tech

Too busy. No Time. But I'm travelling. If you've got the excuse to avoid exercising, yogi and coach Sari Nisker has the technological answers that will help you with your fitness goals.

Finding Your Rhythm

Sari Nisker tries to find her life flow on the mat, on the bike and in her life. 'Emotionally harmonize’ your body, tempo and breath with life situations that arise.