Author: Lora Maghanoy

Going Global

Lora Maghanoy frequents Toronto's Asian beauty shops. So she knows firsthand the amazing products available. Read here, as she covers the latest trends.

Beauty Advice from a Clean Living Friend

In an effort to clean house, Tonic Beauty Expert, Lora Maghanoy, raided her clean living friend's cabinets to scope out some of her favourite ingredients to use for her daily skincare routine. Here are three natural tips to try.

Coming Clean

What should, or more importantly shouldn't, be in your beauty and skincare products can be confusing. Lora Maghanoy identifies ingredients you should absolutely avoid.

Winter Beauty Tips

It's that time of year. When the cold and dry weather wreaks havoc with your skin and hair. Fortunately, Beauty Expert, Lora Maghanoy, has some tips to keep you looking great through the season.