Author: Kristen Ma

Facial Acupuncture:

Are you looking for a non-invasive way to counter the signs of aging skin. Kristen Ma has all the answers for you this month. Read here to find out.

Spring Scrubs:

How do you keep your skin looking fresh and clear? Tonic Natural Beauty Expert, Kristen Ma can help you with that. Read here.

Beyond Balm:

It's so cold outside! Natural Beauty Expert, Kristen Ma, wants you to take good care of those chapped lips. Read here to find out how.

Hot Hot Heat:

As the weather gets colder you'll want to consider warming treatments for your skin. Tonic Beauty Expert Kristen Ma has all the information you'll need to stay supple and hydrated.

Travel-Proofing Your Skin

Tonic Beauty Expert Kristen Ma knows that keeping your skin moisturized when you're traveling can be tough. Read here for her top 4 products to prevent dehydration.

Vata Season:

Tonic Natural Beauty Expert Kristen Ma knows that with a change of season comes new challenges to keeping your skin healthy. Read here to find out what to do.

Dark Damage:

Tonic Natural Beauty Expert Kristen Ma knows that it's important to protect your skin during non-peak sun exposure hours too. Read here to find out why.

Beauty in Simplicity

Kristen Ma presents four natural skincare items that have surprising multiple uses that make grooming more efficient for anyone feeling time-poor this fall.

Amazing Aquabrasion:

Exfoliation is one of the best ways to rejuvenate and refresh your skin. Kristen Ma explains about Aquabrasion - a new way to naturally peel away dead skin cells.

Canadian Beauty:

Did you think that all the best natural beauty ingredients come from the tropics? Kristen Ma wants you to reconsider. As she presents five great Canadian beauty ingredients.

Yoga For Each Dosha

According to Ayurveda, beauty is achieved through healthy bodily tissues and energetic balance. Kristen Ma will tell you why your choices in fitness style and intensity are factors in how you look and feel.

Five Rejuvenating Rasayanas

Healthy anti-aging must focus on repairing damage to our body’s tissues that have accumulated through our journey through life and concentrate on rejuvenation, replenishment and total body vitality. Kristen Ma tells you how.

Boomer Beauty

There's a new trend to move away from “anti-aging” and opt for “healthy aging”, which focuses on supporting and rejuvenating our tissues in order to keep them strong, firm and vibrant.

DIY Facial

One way to de-stress in the busy season is a DIY facial. When it's hard to find time and money to go to the spa, home treatments are easy, inexpensive and convenient.