Author: Jean Eng

How to Survive Pitta Season

People with a dominant Pitta dosha have an excess of internal heat and are especially susceptible to sun exposure. Ayurvedic Beauty Expert Jean Eng knows what you should do to protect your skin. Read here.

Sustainable Beauty

This month Tonic Natural Beauty Expert Jean Eng explains how you can keep your skin looking beautiful without toxic products. Read here.

Spring Skin Detox

It's Spring! So Tonic Natural Beauty Expert, Jean Eng, knows that you'll want to detox. Here are four ways you can be proactive.


Even if you bathed in sunscreen this summer, chances are you’ve picked up some incidental UV exposure, which can lead to skin damage. Natural Beauty Expert Jean Eng recommends Intense Pulse Light Treatment to help your skin. Read here and find out why.

Elemental Aesthetics

The key to beautiful skin in Summer is protection. Beauty Expert, Jean Eng, has all the advice you'll need to maintain that healthy glow as the heat turns up.

Elemental Aesthetics

Tonic Natural Beauty Expert, Jean Eng, knows that the health of your skin is a primary concern. She has some sage advice about skin sensitivity. Read here to find out the details.

Elemental Aesthetics

Beauty Expert, Jean Eng, has been following the recent trend of swapping out soap for oil when people clean. Read her advise on how to best make the switch, here.

Handy Tips

Tonic Beauty Expert, Jean Eng, will tell you all you need to know to keep your hands soft and supple in the coming months.

Kidney Health

To attain long term relief from the damage to skin caused by the cool dry air of autumn, beauty expert Jean Eng suggests maintaining kidney health. Find out what you can do to keep your skin healthy.

Stop Seeing Red

You've got a sunburn, or maybe a windburn. Now what? Natural beauty expert, Jen Eng has the answer to keep your skin looking beautifuly while you enjoy the hot summer weather.