Article #2: Delightful Dandelion

Yipee!!! Bursts of yellow scatter  lawns and parks as far as the eye can see! Dandelions are literally everywhere! Seeds easily take flight starting new plants in any location.

Weeding? Watch out! Leaving the smallest piece of root behind insures a replacement. This self fertilizing plant thrives all over the world.  Dandelions are given a bad rap by most gardeners. I'm here to change that!

I urge you to embrace the dandelion and all its magical capabilities. This mini ray of holistic sunshine is a gift. Changing the title "former pesky weed" to natural wonder is bound to bring sheer delight!

The dandelion is a perfect perennial. It is capable of reaching up to 12 inches in height. It opens daily to greet the sun and ends the day by closing.

The dandelion is 100% healthy from its sunshine bloom, stem and leaves to sturdy root. The dandelion is chocked full of nutrients containing Vitamin A, B, C, D, iron, potassium and zinc.

Everyday we are exposed to toxins whether external or internal by choice or not. Dandelion offers a gentle all natural option to help cleanse our body.

Dandelion and diuretic are synonymous. It increases urine making it a perfect natural remedy for edema or water retention. It is often recommended for those on high blood pressure medications since it does not alter potassium levels. I often recommend dandelion tea for Pre-menstrual bloating.

Dandelion has a wonderful carminative property making it a top notch digestive aid. The bitterness stimulates stomach acid producing bile and helping to break down food.

Dandelion is safely used to detoxify overworked livers. Dandelion is also a blood cleaner helping eliminate toxins in the lymphatic system.

So come on and shake up summer!

Dandelion coffee is a must for anyone trying to kick caffeine. The roasted root has a full body chicory flavor that is second to none. Dandelion leaves are a wonderful tea option.

Make a statement this summer substituting your regular salad greens with dandelion leaves. A few drops of dandelion essential oil can be added to any vinaigrette. Don't forget to throw in the yellow flowers! They are said to bring headache relief. Top the party off with homemade dandelion beer and wine!

Instead of cursing this yellow beauty, sit back, relax and enjoy a hot soak in dandelion essential oils. Stiff joints and muscle aches will quickly disappear.

Next time you think the weekend is for weeding think again! Find a lovely pesticide free sea of yellow and fall in love with nature's so called weed!!