Article #1: Counting Words, Counting Calories, Counting on Yourself

ARE you completely stumped over the ending of your new story or book? Have you reached a dead end or a true writer’s block?

Writing your way out of a dry spell can be simply solved, via turning your unhealthy eating patterns and daily physical routines into a journey of enlightenment!

Realizing how these two separate areas of your life affect each other, requires just a little bit of analytical thinking.

How are the two even related (?), you may be asking yourself…

Think: discipline.

Think: investing in your future.

Think: following your heart.

Think: accountability.

Eating poorly influences every aspect of your life, including your writing.

Whether you are a true professional, or someone who dabbles on the weekend as a part-time Shakespeare, your moods, your energy level, your strength, your endurance… are all affected by your food choices, as well as by the presence or absence of physical activity in your daily life.

It’s not just an interesting idea, proposed by this writer/certified personal trainer/nutrition counselor. There is a definite correlation.

If you eat too many calories at once, you will almost immediately fatigue, as your body fights to work overtime, in order to break down the overabundance of nutrients you have consumed.

You’ve snacked yourself into oblivion, but then you expect to have the clarity in your thoughts, to place those ingenious words down on a page, and actually make sense?

Think again.

Your energy will be going towards your body’s working to break down the foods. Your thoughts will feel muddled.

There is only so much you can laden upon your body at once and expect it to do efficiently.

If you have eaten way too much sugar, you will certainly feel a surge of an energy boost. But guess what? Shortly thereafter, your body will crash, as your insulin attempts to break down the excess sugars your body now needs to process.

Small healthy snacks are a great solution. A little protein, a little carbohydrate, a little fat…

Eat enough to calm your hunger, but not enough to feel like you’ve stuffed yourself.

Think of it as fueling an engine, when the gas prices are amazing. You just fuel it a little at a time, awaiting the next price drop, so to speak, so that you can utilize the fuel efficiently, and at a great savings.

You are not a car, and you don’t need to fill the whole tank at once. And think choosing wisely, when you do decide to nourish.

Junk is, well: called junk, for a reason!

Think fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, lean proteins…

Do not think cookies and chips and chocolates.

Fresh air is also, an amazing choice. Physical movement is a true benefit you can easily add into your writing picture. Taking a walk is a bona fide perfect solution to your muddled thoughts woes.

You get your blood flowing. Your lungs and your heart work together to help the blood circulate. Cardio gets your heart rate up. It also raises the serotonin levels in your brain, a natural endorphin mood-booster, we all need more of.

The more fat you have, the larger you will be, and then, of course, your lungs and your heart will have to work even harder to pump the blood out to more of you!

That could be exhausting. It’s like the difference between shoveling a small walk, and shoveling a triple driveway. The utilization of energy necessary for the second task, is what your body has to face, when you are carrying around all that extra weight on your frame.

But if you stay in shape via the correct food choices and the correct amounts of exercise infused into your life, your brain will be powered to get you through your most creative thoughts.

You need proper nutrients to nourish your body.

Lean proteins: (think chicken without the skin, and beef without the fat, eggs, fish…), will help you with your energy level, and will help you build muscle, if you are wisely going to the gym and doing some resistance training.

Having stronger muscles can only help you beat fatigue throughout your day. Building bone density when you are not writing, via lifting weights, will help keep your skeletal frame stronger, while you are sitting at your desk and writing away, burning very few calories.

And don’t listen to those who tell you to avoid carbs. You need carbs for your brain to work. It is as simple as that. Complex carbs such as fruit and whole grains, break down slowly, and are always a better choice than simple carbs such as chocolate bars and chips, which quickly break down in your body, and immediately require insulin.

If you are sitting and writing all day long, what’s that going to do for your body?

Not a whole lot. It will do something for your mind. Creativity will make you feel great, and your accomplishments with the written word should not be taken lightly. Writing is a skill, a talent, an amazing endeavor which challenges you. Nothing feels better than perfecting a piece on the page.

But, in order to keep the balance, and to help yourself, you must supplement your work hours with movement. It’s as simple as that.

Staying in physical shape keeps you in mental shape as well.

Calories and words, are indeed related.

Happy training, and happy writing.

And stop listening to anyone who might attempt to sabotage your goals. Many surrounding you might be struggling with demons of their own, the battling of the bulge kind. When others fail, they sometimes want some company.

Listen to your own thoughts. Only you truly know what’s best for you.