An Aluminium-Free Antiperspirant


The Green Beaver Company, known for providing natural health and beauty products for your family since 2002 has launched a revolutionary Aluminum-Free 100% Natural Antiperspirant…that works!

The product uses a proprietary NaturaDri™ technology that was clinically proven to provide effective 24-hour odour and wetness protection. When applied onto the skin, NaturaDri™ forms a natural barrier with jojoba and mimosa flower wax esters in combination with other plant extracts to help keep you dry, naturally. Tested by dermatologists, Green Beaver’s aluminum-free antiperspirant was clinically proven to be skin-soothing, non-irritating even after hair removal. It’s hypoallergenic, Vegan, GMO free, Gluten free and biodegradable

With this new, Aluminum-Free,  100% natural antiperspirant, there is no compromise between products that work and products that are natural.

Randee Glassman, Director of Marketing and Ambassador of Buzz at Organic Garage, an organic and all natural grocery store. 

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