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7 Ideas for Mindful Governance
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Ryan J Foley is the founder and owner of NuvoCare Health Sciences Inc, & i2 New ltd [IE]. He approached me recently with some ideas on changes to political partisanship that he’d like to see. The more I heard, the more I realized that what he wants is a more mindful approach with the way we deal with each other on a national level. The following is a distillation of his ideas.


  1. A focus on bipartisanship: If the parties are constantly working against each other, there’s no room for progress. Look at the political situation in the USA. Instead of trying to score points and tear the opposition down the parties should be looking towards collaborative values such as partnership and cooperation. There will always be debates. But you can achieve your goals by finding commonality and not degrade your opponent.


  1. Lines that shouldn’t be crossed: Don’t belittle or bully those who don’t share your opinion. We should focus on civility and decorum. I’d like to see the end of negative campaigning. We’re losing our core values of Canada. Canadians are inherently good and strong and as our population grows we must all embrace Canadian Patriotism and culture while promoting unity


  1. Investing in progressive industries: There must be a focus on the aggressive development of new ideas in CLEANTECH and Preventative Health Care.  Strong action needs to be taken to restore lost jobs in provinces such as Alberta, Newfoundland, and Nova Scotia, where many jobs have been lost in our traditional resource industries.  One particular large scale project called WaterRescue™ LandSave™ is poised to be a new billion-dollar industry and Canada can dominate due to its geographical position and thousands of kilometers of shoreline.  


  1. More Healthcare reform: We’re fortunate as Canadians with our public health care system. I’d like to see the system invest more resources into preventative medicine -, including Natural Health Products,  proper nutrition, and exercise. The money we save from fewer people getting ill could be reinvested in tackling the opioid crisis and weaning people off of addictive drugs. 


  1. Focus on Positive News: Free speech is necessary and important in a democracy. But without necessary controls, negative press and reactionary stories now overwhelm our media. It might be impossible to impose editorial focus, but I’d like to see a focus on positive reporting. Maybe if we all had a dose of good news, our appetites would be whetted for more.


  1. A Fair Redistribution of Wealth: There must be a viable and vibrant middle-class for the economy to move forward in a sustainable manner.  In the end everyone wins with this approach. Corporations grow by selling more products and consumers have more spending power to drive retail.  Furthermore, the middle class provides the largest tax base as well as the buying power to keep the economy prospering. I support the continuation of middle-class tax relief coupled with a new corporate tax structure similar to Ireland. A low corporate tax rate will foster investment in our economy and more jobs for Canadians.  


  1. Respect for Canadian Aboriginals – Simply put indigenous Canadians inherent to the land must be included in conversations regarding the resources and the use of their lands.


Ryan J Foley can be reached at rfoley@i2New.com

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