7 Sneaky Ways to Eat More Veggies

Get Your Greens....On The Sly

Now that the holidays are over and done with, it’s time to re-introduce yourself to one of the major food groups: vegetables! All jokes aside, vegetables are probably one of the most versatile foodstuffs, yet they’re the number one food group we don’t eat enough of! Why is that? Well, throw in some picky eater kids and you’ve got one reason, but it could also be because we often need some inspiration to pique our taste buds. There are a few obvious benefits involved when you increase your vegetable intake, which include added phytonutrients, fibre, hydration and nutrient variety to your diet. If you’ve been feeling like you need more vegetables in your life, especially after a few months of holiday indulgence, check out my 6 sneaky ways to get more veg into your meals below!


1.Swap Out Grains: Heavy and bloated after pasta or rice? Ditch the usual grain products for their vegetable-based alternatives! Spiralized carrot, beet, sweet potatoes and zucchini noodles can replace pasta or soup noodles. Instead of whole grain rice, using cauliflower rice is a great base to soak up the goodness of a saucy dish.


2. Wrap it Up! Ditch the tortilla wrap and pull in collard greens or romaine lettuce to wrap up your favourite ingredients. Add a protein like tempeh or ground meat, shredded carrots, hummus, sprouts, etc. I like to use Wrap it Up! fibre-rich raw wraps as well.


3. Loaded Sauces: This is probably the easiest one out of the lot! Break out of the plain meat sauce and add chopped mushrooms, carrots, bell peppers, and broccoli. If disguise is necessary, blend the sauce!


4. Crunch without Crackers: Dip lover? Crackers are really just vehicles for the dips, so change the vehicle to celery, carrot or cucumber sticks! You can also swap out flavour-coated chips for flavour-coated kale chips, which are simply dehydrated kale pieces. You can make these at home or buy them.


5. Smoothies: Did you know if you add cauliflower to your smoothies, you cannot taste it? You can also add a handful of spinach, kale, or cucumber to make fibre-rich green smoothies.


6. Bake ‘em! You have surely heard of chocolate zucchini bread! Carrot muffins are another popular option. But, spinach in your muffins? Oh, yes! If you have enough sweetness to balance out the green flavours, you won’t mind the added greens. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can make a savoury muffin (think cornbread!) and lighten up on the sweetness.


7. Blend it! Another great way to hide vegetables from your kids! Roast some squash, onions, carrots, celery and garlic. When they are roasted, in a pot add enough stock to cover the vegetables. Use a hand blender, or regular blender to blend into a soup!

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