6 Questions About ONETV

A Healthy Lifestyle Channel

wellness programs. We caught up with Vice President of Communications, Leanne Wright to ask her all about the station.


WHAT IS ONETV?  ONETV is the only 24-hour fitness, yoga and healthy living channel. The exercise shows – like gentle yoga, Hatha yoga, Kaballah yoga, Padma yoga, hot yoga, pilates, meditation, world dance, bellydance, weight-loss and strength-building workouts – are designed so that viewers can do them in the comfort of their own home with ONETV’s fitness experts. You don’t need a lot of space to perform most of the easy-to-follow moves. It’s the perfect channel for those who aren’t “gym people” or don't have easy access to classes, but want to follow a convenient and regular routine to boost their strength, flexibility and sense of well-being.


WHAT KIND OF PROGRAMS ARE ON ONETV?  ONETV’s most popular shows include Healing Yoga hosted by Deborah Devine, a Toronto-based certified yoga instructor who specializes in gentle, restorative yoga for real people with real problems. In each of the 138 episodes, Deborah focuses on a specific chronic condition – from asthma to insomnia, from joint pain to high blood pressure – and curates a yoga class to relieve it. Pilates From The Inside Out trains your muscles and builds your core strength (yes, those abs!), Hot Body, Hot Yoga tackles anxiety and stress with deep relaxation classes, and Audi Gozlan’s Kaballah Yoga combines Hatha yoga with meditations and the mystical secrets of the Hebrew Alphabet. 


WHAT ABOUT MORE ACTIVE WORKOUTS? If you really want to sweat, Anjelica’s Dance Workout is a dance aerobic series that will take you through the basics of world dances like Samba, Flamenco and Irish step dance, and Bollyfit is a new style of cardio workout incorporating Bollywood Dance moves into a fitness regimen. Of course, adding weights to routines and floor exercises will increase the intensity!


WHAT IF YOU'RE NEW TO WORKING OUT?  ONETV is the perfect way to start moving with easy-to-follow exercises for all fitness levels from beginner to advanced.


WHAT OTHER HEALTHY LIVING SHOWS DOES ONETV CARRY? All of ONETV’s wellness and weight-loss programs offer the tools, advice and inspiration viewers need to achieve long-term fitness goals and mind-body balance. Organic Panic investigates our obsession with the multi-billion organics industry and pits “believers” versus “skeptics” in a battle to win over concerned global citizens; World’s Best Diet travels around the globe to look at local diets and rank them from the very worst to the very best;  Sweat The City with host Adrienne Ho explores fitness, fashion and food; Bare Beauty dishes out natural beauty secrets from around the world; Detox! road-tests everything from superfoods to adrenalin rushes on a journey to find the ultimate detox; Yogi Cameron transforms lives through ayurvedic healing, and The Last 10 LBs Bootcamp and The Biggest Loser showcase intense fitness and nutrition routines designed by dynamic, hard-driving coaches to help participants reach a target weight in a limited time.


HOW CAN YOU GET ONETV? Call your cable service provider and ask for “ONETV”. ONETV is available as a monthly standalone channel and is also included in many theme packages. You can find ONETV on Bell and Bell Fibe at channel 1606, and on Rogers at channel 265. For the full ONETV schedule, visit ONETV.ca


Jamie Bussin is the Publisher of Tonic Magazine and host of THE TONIC Talk Show and Podcast. He should really be on tv too.

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