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Yoga To Boost Your Libido

We all know there are many benefits to yoga, from helping to increase our flexibility to  calming the mind but there is one major benefit that may get us all a little excited. Yoga is a great way to help boost your libido!


If you think about it this makes complete sense. Yoga helps to increase flexibility and who doesn’t agree this can help spice things up in the bedroom!  It’s also a great way to help boost a healthy body image and self-esteem. The more confident we feel about ourselves the more open we can be to express ourselves sexually.


Life gets busy which can cause us to become disconnected from our loved ones. Yoga can help give us a friendly reminder to disconnect to reconnect and focus on being present with each other rather than focus on the never ending to do lists.  Making time to connect with our loved ones is a great way to create more intimacy in relationships.


There are even yoga poses you can do to help increase blood flow to the pelvis and increase sensations of arousal, naturally giving us a boost of sexual energy. When things get a little dull in the bedroom, try a few of these poses to help turn things on.  


Cat + cow pose are great to help strengthen the Kegel muscles, these are the muscles that contract during an orgasm. Strong Kegels produce better more controlled orgasms and who doesn’t want that!


Bridge pose is great to help tone the pelvic muscles and when we hold the pose this is similar to doing a Kegel.


Eagle pose is beneficial as it restricts circulation when the arms and legs are bound.  When you release the pose fresh blood comes flooding through to the cervix. Eagle is also a balance pose, which helps to create mental focus.


Pigeon is great to help reduce stress by calming the nervous system by slowing down mentally and physically. This pose is also a great hip opener; open hips helps to keep circulation flowing to the pelvis and holds less tension and suppressed emotions, making us more open to connect.


Bound angle pose is great for a low libido because it sends blood flow to the pelvic area and increased blood flow is directly linked to our level of arousal, where blood flow goes, so does the energy. This is a great pose to stretch the inner thighs and open the hips.  You can also do this pose in your bed to help relax, reducing anxiety and tension.


Enjoy carving out a little time for yourself with these yoga poses. The more you take care of yourself, the more you will be able to give to your loved ones. You really can’t lose doing these poses with benefits.

Rachelle Wintzen is the founder of The Chi Junky Yoga Studio. She is also a Lole Ambassador & the resident Yoga expert on CTV’s The Social.  IG @chi_junky

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