4 Ways to Boost your Immune System

Stay Healthy Through Spring

Even though we are into March and April and can see the clearing of the winter cold season ahead of us, your immune system still needs support. Supporting your immune system is not just important for avoiding the common cold and flu viruses that can still creep up this time of year. We must also strengthen the immune system to fight off and remove foreign substances from the body – bacteria, viruses, parasites and toxins. Supporting the immune system is also extremely important for the long-term prevention of diseases. Below you will find 4 ways to boost your immune system that you can incorporate into your lifestyle today!



Poor quality sleep weakens the body’s ability to protect itself and heal itself. Most of the detoxification of the body and activity of the immune system happens when the body is resting so it is extremely important that when you are sick that you actually give yourself the time off to rest and get better. During the first three hours of sleep, the body goes into rapid repair mode, which is why sleep is so important. Prioritize your sleep by getting at least 8 hours a night, cutting down screen time before bed and practicing calming exercises before bed, such as yoga and meditation.



Adaptogens help to manage the body’s response to stress for improved immune function.

You can easily incorporate adaptogens by swapping out some of your coffee for tulsi/holy basil tea. Nowadays, there are a lot of drink powders that contain immune supportive mushrooms like chaga and cordyceps, that you can enjoy as part of your morning routine or afternoon break.



Did you know that movement can reduce excess cortisol? This is particularly important for the immune system since being in a chronically stressed state can suppress the immune system.

High-impact exercise like running, jumping, rebounding on a trampoline stimulates lymph drainage and can help move lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell) through the body.

Low-impact exercise is also supportive since exercises like yoga can promote mindfulness and calmness, ultimately leading to stress reduction.


Daily Detox Boosts

My favourite detoxification method is called dry skin brushing. It stimulates lymph drainage which means it is supportive of the immune system. You can use a small brush for your face for nasal congestion or a large one for the whole body to target the lymph nodes. Brush in circles from the farthest part of your extremities towards your lymph nodes to promote drainage. I recommend brushing the whole body before you get into the shower. Another daily detox boost is to regularly drink dandelion tea and milk thistle tea because they specifically promote liver detoxification. The liver has many functions, but its main one is detoxification of toxins. 


Megan Horsley is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist , Blog Writer and Recipe Developer. Megan is passionate about helping her clients discover their best selves with a holistic approach to their wellbeing. With delicious food, movement and thoughts, and enriching lifestyle choices, Megan loves witnessing the transformations unfold.  



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