3 Food Swaps For September

Re-energize Your School and Work Routine

The easy, breezy days of summer have come to a close as we head back to school and work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring some ease to your routine. In fact, being conscious of your food choices will set you up with sustained, high energy without the sugar crash and desperate runs for coffee. As we head back to routine, consider these food swaps below to stay energized:


Refine your Sweet Tooth…

…and ditch the refined sugar! If you don’t know this already, refined sugar can be found in many packaged foods these days. It can weaken the immune system and can cause other issues like insulin resistance, leaky gut, poor digestion, low energy and much more. Check the ingredients’ lists, choose unrefined sweeteners like dates, monk fruit sweetener, maple syrup and honey, and for a sweet snack, try energy balls! These can be made at home with a few simple ingredients like nuts/seeds, coconut oil, dates and cacao. The healthy fats and fibre will help to balance your blood sugar for sustained energy without the sugar crash, while also benefiting your gut health. No time to make them? Eat a deconstructed version of dark chocolate, dates and nuts/seeds, or try out Nomz energy balls. Note: use seeds to keep them school-safe.


Keep it Crispy

Say “move over” to overheated, unstable and rancid fats, and “hello” to healthier crispy alternatives! Chips are often cooked with oils that are heated beyond their stable temperature, causing them to go rancid–fast! Fill your lunch bags with snacks that use healthier fats that contain nutrients that will actually energize instead of exhaust you. Seaweed and kale chips are fantastic sources of vitamin K, the fat-soluble vitamin that promotes bone health and blood clotting (for wound healing). It also benefits both detox pathways in the liver, making it an excellent detoxifying food, and therefore energy-boosting! Check out my kale chip recipe on my website or try out Healthy Crunch kale chips and Sea Snax seaweed.


Boost and Switch up Your Caffeine

You thought I was going to cut it out, didn’t you?! While reducing your caffeine intake is highly recommended, I recognize that that is a difficult task for many. Try adding collagen and MCT oil to your brew which offers joint, hair, skin and nail support, as well as sustained energy without the caffeine crash. Likewise, green tea and matcha tea offer a boost of energy without the jitters due to l-theanine, a calming amino acid. Ready to cut it out? Coffee can actually make you more tired by forcing your adrenals to produce more cortisol, therefore exhausting your body. Try Dandy Blend, a coffee-alternative that is caffeine-free and liver-cleansing, which can actually boost your energy!


For more energy-enhancing food swaps and recipes, check out www.meganhorsleynutrition.com

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