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Five Weight-Loss Myths Debunked

Slim Down Sensibly

What we once thought was fact has now been proven wrong. Below are some of the most popular weight-loss myths debunked!

1. Don’t eat before bed It was thought for years that all calories should be consumed early in the day in order for them to be burned more efficiently. More and more recent studies have shown that it is actually about our overall calorie intake and how much we consume, as opposed to when. It’s better to have a balanced and healthy diet than to simply eat lightly before you sleep to lose weight. As a matter of fact one study done in Israel showed that at night we may even metabolize calories faster than during the day!

2. Cardio burns the most fat Cardio can be great for burning fat, depending on what kind you do and for how long. When steady state cardio is done for a long duration (over an hour), it burns as much lean body tissue as it does fat. This, for long term fat loss is actually negative. Researchers suggest for maximum fat burning, try high intensity cardiovascular exercise for no more than an hour per session.

3. Eating out = weight gain This may have been the case years ago, but today we are spoiled with the amount of selection offered at most fast food chains. Be smart about your choices and you can actually eat a totally balanced and healthy diet on the road. One strategy you can follow is to research the menu online beforehand. This way you'll be sure to make the best nutritional choices and you’ll be less likely to cave into any spontaneous drive-thru cravings!

4. Alcohol = weight gain Although cutting out all forms of alcohol is recommended if you’re trying to lose weight, there are occasions in which a drink or two is in order. Contrary to popular belief  it’s better to drink hard liquor than it is to drink beer or beach drinks. Although alcohol has more calories/gram than carbs (seven vs four), because the drink will be less sweet and higher in alcohol percentage you're less likely to overindulge and consume excessive calories. The bottom line is to stay away from sugary drinks and beer to save on calories.

5. Weight loss supplements are just scams Many weight loss supplements out there are scams, which is how they've all gotten a bad rap. If you do your research however, you’ll find that there are several reputable companies out there that use research proven ingredients in research proven dosages, so you’re guaranteed results. There are products that are actually made with the research proven dosage and materials used in weight loss studies. In just one study using the exact same dose of the svetol form of green coffee bean as found in such products (Slimcentials and Nutracentials Green Coffee Bean and Garcinia Cambogia) the average person lost 11 lbs! In just one study on people using the exact same dose and quantity of garcinia cambogia found in these brands the average person reduced their appetite by 33 % up to 24 hrs!  The bottom line is that not all supplements are created equal even if they appear to contain the same ingredients. Read the labels so you know you're buying a supplement that works and is not a scam.


Ryan J. Foley is a Toronto based nutraceutical researcher and product formulator with over 2 decades of Natural Health Products experience. www.WeightOffGuide.com  Howard Youhanan has worked as a personal trainer & nutrition coach and participated in competitive natural bodybuilding. Now a successful business operator in the industry, he maintains a balanced and sensible approach to nutrition and health.