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Mid-Year Resolutions

Revisiting Your 2014 Goals

It is about six months since you set, and possibly gave up on, your New Year’s resolutions. It is hard to resist being swept up by the resolution-setting buzz that goes on around the holidays, but most of those resolutions are short-lived.  Now is the perfect time to revisit your goals, and decide what actions you need to take to continue creating your best possible self.

Because we all have things we would like to achieve in multiple areas of our lives, it is easier to create and use a structure around which you can build an action plan to fulfill them. Getting excited about something is easy; planning how to achieve it and actually doing it are the hard parts, and not coincidentally, where most resolutions fail.  Instead of starting on what needs the most work, start with the easiest area.  By creating some momentum, you create the opportunity to build on it and achieve the harder things more easily.

While you can use any categories you want, here are ten that most people need to look at.  Ask yourself, for each of the categories below, what you need to stop doing (usually bad habits), keep doing (recognize the things you are doing right), and what you need to start doing (adopting good habits):

Positive Mindset: Your mindset is where everything starts, so this is the most important element of your happiness. Listen to how you speak to yourself and you will learn a lot about how others treat you. Appreciate yourself just as you are and build from there.

Health: Nothing is as important as your health, and that includes resilience to illness and injury as well as improving your health and performance.  The two most important aspects of this are good nutrition and exercise.

Intellect: Challenging your knowledge through formal and informal education will keep you sharp and maintain brain function. From Sudoku to going back to school, your brain is an important part of your best self.

Relationships: How are your relationships with family, friends, and your significant other? You may want to subdivide relationships into these three areas to understand where emphasis needs to be placed.

Spiritual:  Ask yourself what your beliefs are and if they are working for you. They might be formal or informal, but whatever you believe in shapes what you perceive as your choices and therefore your decisions. If your beliefs do not serve you, believe in something that does.

Environmental: Are you doing what you can for the environment, starting with your home? If you can do more, that is best, but at least do what you can where you live.
Play: Make time for unstructured play. This might be exploring in nature, or inventing games with your kids. Play is an important part of human culture that many of us have lost over time.

Career: Does your job / career provide more than just a paycheque? Do you enjoy going to work and talking about your work with others?

Financial: What actions do you need to take to reduce debt, increase your income, and boost your savings?

Charitable: Giving back is an important part of contributing to society. The less fortunate need assistance from those more fortunate and you never know when you will need some help.

So go ahead - set those mid-year resolutions and by the time you get to the holidays, you can celebrate what you have already achieved.


Rod Macdonald is the Vice President of canfitpro.  For more information on canfitpro, please visit www.canfitpro.com. For more information on Rod, please visit www.totalfatdestruction.com